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  1. philaniH

    Compromised Voip phone

    Hi guys Looks like my voip phone got compromised. How does one deal with a prepaid account owing -10 000 all of a sudden just because the billing works after the call is dropped. Is this how on all voip providers? Thanks
  2. philaniH

    Neointernet outage at Megawat POP?

    Hi Guys Anyone else affected by the above since 28 Hrs ago ? TIA
  3. philaniH


    Hi Guys Anyone using Liquids 1:1 service here? Thanks
  4. philaniH

    BMW Accredited Service centre

    Hello guys Im looking for a good bmw service company to service a friends bmw 116i 2012 for a major service. Its out of service plan and hey bmw can charge a leg or two for that, I need something cheaper in the fourways area. Anyone?
  5. philaniH

    Client Manager

    Yellow Africa i have a client here, who does not wanna pay, but needs something by the end of the month. He needs his clients to log in and dee how much balance they have and some details about how the money was made, He trades forex for clients (Cool stuff), and he wants to log in and...
  6. philaniH

    [S] Apple Macbook Pro Mid 2012

    Item name (be very descriptive): Apple Macbook Pro Mid 2012 Core i5 2.5Ghz 500gb HDD. 13'' Screen Age and condition: 2 years + , Perfect Condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need a 15'' Price: 7100 Negotiable: Yes Location: Vanderbijlpark, Vaal, Gauteng...
  7. philaniH


    :)Compliments:) Compliments:)Compliments:) i'm looking for a pos for my hardware shop, been googling but no ZA provider seems to have an on-line demo, trial or some video to see how it works, i also need to integrate it with any open source eCommerce solution and a card payment processor...
  8. philaniH

    2tb external hdd for sale. brand new , sealed with slip StoreJet 25H3 (USB 3.0)

    2TB StoreJet 25H3 2.5'' (USB 3.0) [S] For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): 2TB StoreJet 25H3 (USB 3.0) 2.5'' Age and condition: 6 Hours / New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes ,24 Months Reason for selling: Bought a wrong product Price: R1000 Negotiable: Yes Location...
  9. philaniH

    Mweb Hosting access

    hi im trying to connect to mweb shared servers. i cant on mobile connection and ftp, only on adsl. really cant drive for that now, Any alternative method please?
  10. philaniH

    Mac Book Pro 17''

    looking for a Mac Book Pro 17'' ,dont care much about retina.
  11. philaniH

    Fujitsu LifeBook UH572 SSD Disappeared

    Evening oh well the sandisk ssd partition decided to run away. cant find it in the diskpart nor the bios. R10k machine just became useless and installing windows on the 500gb makes it very Slowwwww. can anyone help?
  12. philaniH

    Cant remove AVG on N5800

    hy I have avg free and now just purchased the pro version for around 10 Eur and now i cant remove the free one and im no longer secure since they crash. i need help. the stop and uninstall buttons r hidden for the free one only. any other solutions my lovely community?
  13. philaniH

    Good or bad?

    Good or bad?
  14. philaniH

    PHP Drag and drop

    hello im looking for a drag and drag php software. i need to collect some few text boxes and check boxes and save that to a db. anybody who knows a good software to create that html and give the db insert statements? thank you
  15. philaniH

    Stuck Students

    Hello Our residence gives us 1 gb for a R140. we want adsl but we confused between home and business option. we afford about R1500 a month for a 4 mb line and need about 100 gb a day. which option should we go for? Thank you
  16. philaniH

    alternate e-mail server/solution

    hello people. im sick of this reseller account i have which fails to authenticate email client. is there any other solution? even if i log in to WHM ,it says invalid login for me and all clients. Thank you
  17. philaniH


    hello I have signed up for seller,done my website and i cant find my self in Google. my seo seems weak and now i dont know what to do. any suggestions? Thanks my site =