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  1. sandereo

    2021 Urban Cruiser

    Hi Anyone noticed the 2021 Urban cruiser infotainment has no RDS on FM stations? I find this strange because RDS in a basic function in even the cheapest car radio's.
  2. sandereo

    2021 Brezza/Urban cruiser infotainment

    Hi - Both the 2021 brezza and urban cruiser have the same infotainment system(apart from the mytoyota app). I have noticed that FM stations like Eastcoast, 5fm, etc. do not display radio text(RDS). To my knowledge, there is no on or off setting to control this. I do realize that not all...
  3. sandereo

    Suzuki brezza

    Hi - I purchased a 2021 Brezza GLX and would like to hear about other Brezza owners for general vehicle feature discussions. Regards Erwin