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  1. M0e96

    NEW Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 With Absa!

    Keeping you connected and secure. Monitor your trips and trip scores, get 24-hour emergency assist, get a Drive Home service, stolen vehicle recovery, and receive storm alerts all via the app.
  2. M0e96

    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision E2000 256GB M.2 PCI-e Gen 3 x 4 NVMe 3D NAND SSD Useful Features: Maximum Read Speed 3,300 MB/s Maximum Write Speed 2100MB/s
  3. M0e96

    Canceling MTN Contract

    The only thing that seems to help them actually sort out the problem is reporting them to the CPA. Try opening a case with CPA against them.
  4. M0e96

    Seagate giveaway – Win FireCuda Gaming Docks and HDDs - Enter here

    Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive 5TB (STKL5000400) USB 3.2 bus-powered and a lightweight design gives the Gaming Hard Drive easy plug and play functionality
  5. M0e96

    VPN PPTP Set up

    It is working for some users where as soon as they enable the VPN it cuts internet access but on others, it has both connected at the same time.
  6. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    Well, the update on this project so far so good. The UPS has been working and has lasted 2 hours. Now the only question is how long will these UPS batteries last.
  7. M0e96

    VPN PPTP Set up

    I need to set up a VPN connection PPTP to connect remotely to our server but it needs to cut normal internet access as soon as the VPN is enabled. I have it set up however the normal internet access does not cut when the Vpn is enabled even though I have the " Use default gateway of remote...
  8. M0e96

    Restricting Wifi access to only Whatsapp

    I need to restrict my office guest network to only allow Whatsapp messages and block all other access. What would be the best way of doing this? I have a Mikrotik Firewall and Unifi access points set up.
  9. M0e96

    MTN Support - Have you ever received any lately?

    So I managed to resolve my issue with MTN finally, all it took was 1 complaint to CPA and well 1 month later they issued the refund finally. I created a log of each time I phoned and made sure to send them emails as proof and then submitted that to CPA along with the complaint.
  10. M0e96

    Canceling MTN Contract

    It took me 3 months to cancel my contract and they hit me with a R 1400 charge for data usage after 3 emails, numerous phone calls, and 3 visits in-store. The only time they actually put the cancellation through was after I reported it to CPA and they still haven't paid back the money that they...
  11. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    I get that but would it work though?
  12. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    It's mainly to keep the Wifi on but if I am buying one,I may as well get one that lets me watch TV during loadshedding.
  13. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    I calculated that it would last about 2 hours which is typically the length of loadshedding in my area
  14. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    Hi I am looking to purchase a UPS for my house. It needs to power: - 2 x UNIFI Access point - 1 x Switch - 1x TV Which brand is better the VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS LINE-INTERACTIVE UPS? Is there anything else I need to consider before purchasing the UPS?
  15. M0e96

    The official Ubiquiti Devices Q&A Thread

    Is it possible to set up Speed limiters on Guest networks over the Unifi web portal. I have 4 APs broadcasting 2 Networks - Main and Guest. I want to limit the Guest to 10Mb Speeds. Any suggestions?