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  1. sl0m0_za

    Liesbeek Action Campaign marches against Amazon in Cape Town on Black Friday

    Amazing that in all the years that the River Club used the property, no one was interested, but now that some big money is coming, everyone has a "heritage" interest !!!! Very convenient......
  2. sl0m0_za

    De Ruyter and Mantashe at war

    Of course Mantashe would object - coal is the engine in his gravy train.........and he has not woken up to the fact that renewables are now far cheaper than coal.
  3. sl0m0_za

    Eskom releases photos of sabotage - says it nearly caused stage 6 power cuts

    Definitely terrorism - acts of sabotage against critical infrastructure - perpetrators are guilty of treason and should be executed / shot.
  4. sl0m0_za

    Do you support any charities?

  5. sl0m0_za

    Medupi explosion caused by mistake technicians made trying to find external leak

    This is what happens when people are employed according to their political affiliation instead of their competence.
  6. sl0m0_za

    Post Office falling apart - can't pay bills, pensions not being paid into employee accounts

    Just shut it down. No one wants to use it as it cannot be trusted. If it is stealing pension and not paying people, then it is defunct.
  7. sl0m0_za

    All Bitcoin transfers out of South Africa is a crime, even from your own wallet - Reserve Bank

    This so called control did not stop the Gupta's and Zuma sending hundreds of millions overseas. As George Orwell said, some are more equal than others......
  8. sl0m0_za

    Cabinet approves Bill for changes to SABC TV licence system

    By their logic, we must pay because SABC is "available". I thus want to invoice the president a few million for sleeping with my wife as she is also theoretically "available"...........
  9. sl0m0_za

    These are the common items the SA Post Office wants private couriers to stop delivering

    SAPO cannot even find there arse with both hands. They do not deliver to my town, Post Office here is only open one day per week............emergency medicine - only if you plan at least 3 months in advance....
  10. sl0m0_za

    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    Synology NAS is great. Fully featured, can even run a home webserver on it for web-developers. Fully multi-media capable and a very reliable product. I have installed some of their pro level products ( 12 disk shared storage devices - e-scsi) and only had good results. Pricing is also good for...
  11. sl0m0_za

    Do you find the Wish / SAPO "strategic partnership" reassuring?

    They have only made the Lucky packet of uncertain service deeper......
  12. sl0m0_za

    Do we need a harder lockdown?

    The "Record" level of new cases was due to the "record" level of testing - tests went from 45,000 to 70,000, a fact which is omitted to try to scare people. The percentage of positive cases per test actually went down by around 1%.
  13. sl0m0_za

    Capitec Fraud Incident

    According to Capitec, the transactions are on hold, but they cannot reverse them because it 'might be legitimate".......I told them they had just lost a customer.
  14. sl0m0_za

    Capitec Fraud Incident

    A chargeback ? Not available on a Debit card as far as I know.
  15. sl0m0_za

    Capitec Fraud Incident

    Just had exactly the same happen to me, same ref - only difference is they kept going until my balance was below R160. So I just lost over R1000. Capitec said they cannot recover the money and it will cost me R160 per transaction to reverse as it is international !!!!! Capitec has just lost a...