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  1. M0e96

    VPN PPTP Set up

    I need to set up a VPN connection PPTP to connect remotely to our server but it needs to cut normal internet access as soon as the VPN is enabled. I have it set up however the normal internet access does not cut when the Vpn is enabled even though I have the " Use default gateway of remote...
  2. M0e96

    Restricting Wifi access to only Whatsapp

    I need to restrict my office guest network to only allow Whatsapp messages and block all other access. What would be the best way of doing this? I have a Mikrotik Firewall and Unifi access points set up.
  3. M0e96

    VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS

    Hi I am looking to purchase a UPS for my house. It needs to power: - 2 x UNIFI Access point - 1 x Switch - 1x TV Which brand is better the VERTIV-LI32151CT21 VS RCT 2000VAS LINE-INTERACTIVE UPS? Is there anything else I need to consider before purchasing the UPS?
  4. M0e96

    Can trees block of signal from a P2P Microwave link?

    I have a point to point microwave link between 2 buildings that have a line of sight the only thing blocking is a couple of trees that have grown in the way. I am using Unifi airfibre antennas to bridge the 2 buildings. It has been working for the last 2 years and suddenly today the signal...
  5. M0e96

    Win 10 video card problems

    Anyone else can't control their brightness levels and project via hdmi and vga cable after latest Windows 10 update. Reinstalling drivers didn't work