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    What would you like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog

    Hi Guys, I'm starting a youtube channel/vlog in which I'd like to share workouts and advice as I get asked quite a lot of the same questions by friends and on social media. So my question(s) is(are): What would you like to see, and not like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog? What...
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    Best compact camera for vlogging?

    Hey All, I'm looking for some guidance with regards to a compact 1080p camera to be used mainly for video recording and vlogging. So the sound would also need to be decent and it would need to be wide angle. Price range shouldn't be too high as I would be willing to invest if this does take...
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    [S] Radeon R9 270 OC Edition

    Item name: Radeon R9 270 OC Edition 2GB GDDR5 Age and condition: A year and 8 months. Bought it at rAge 2014. Basically in brand new condition. Was hardly used and when it was, I'd play CS:GO. So nothing too taxing. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No. Reason for selling: Don't game...
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    Looking for Junior and Mid-Level PHP developers

    Institution: Genex Insights - Exciting opportunity to join the development team of a leading market research provider. We are looking for talented and motivated developers who want to work within a forward thinking, innovative and fast growing environment. Position...
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    2008 Honda CB600F Hornet [S]

    Item name: Honda CB600F Hornet Description: Black with gold forks Age and condition: 2008 model, great condition Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need cash for a car Price: R40 000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Fourways, JHB Shipping or collection: We can work something out. Just serviced...
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    Started freelancing, need business advice please

    Hi All, I recently started doing quite a few freelance jobs for guys overseas. It's becoming a bit more serious now and it seems like I might be getting a few "regular clients". What I'd like to know is what type of business I should register? These guys pay me via paypal and this is...
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    Site dev and hosting pricing question

    Hi Guys, So im going to be developing a site for a friend soon (which they will pay for). Now what I would like to do for them is give them a few months free hosting for the site (I pay for it). Now my question is what happens once that free hosting period is over, how do I transfer the...
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    Web Designer Opening

    Hey everyone, My company is looking for a web designer with basic SEO knowledge (Advantageous). Company is located in Fourways -JHB. Junior - Mid Level Position with a laid back company that's growing extremely fast. Please PM me for more info. :D
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    Maintenance plans and all that Jazz

    Hi Guys, So im in the process of getting me a SEAT Cupra TDi. Its a 2007 model so the warranty and maintenance plan are over. So im wondering what the best route is? Is there anyway i can extend the plans from VW? As i see getting a maintenance plan from places like Motorite its almost...
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    No Internet access in Alberton South

    Hi Guys, So from yesterday I've been unable to connect to the net. The ADSL light is active on the router, i checked on Afrihosts website when i got into work this morning and theres no problems from their side. If i log into the router it says "Not Connected", so i click connect and nothing...
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    Need an E-Commerce website designed

    Hi Guys, Do any of you do or know of someone who can create an E-commerce site? Will be quite a big project. Thanks
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    Friend in the US can get me a PS3

    Hey Guys, just a little advice please. My friend is in the states, and im wanting to buy a PS3 from an online retailer. Where would the best place be to shop fro one? Cheapest too of course. Also, would the garantee still be valid in SA when she brings it back with her? Thanks
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    Electrical problem

    Hey Guys After finding out that a rat had chewed a hole into the material under my bonnet, i thought i had figured out why my Ibiza's electronics have been acting funny. Ever since i got the car, whenever i turned the wheel with the lights on they would dim a bit. I kind of just ignored...