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  1. TedLasso

    Polo 1.2 Tsi water pump

    So my 7 year old VW polo 1.2 TSI went for it's annual service. While it is only on 65k, they were doing the 95k service at an official VW stealership (FWIW: service cost 4.2k ) One of the issues the car alerted me to in the last week, was low coolant which I intentionally did not mention to...
  2. TedLasso

    The Luddite reviews the Synology DS120J

    This is my review of the Synology DS120J that MyBB and Synology provided for testing and review. These are my own opinions. My Background:- I had a 4 bay NAS, that supported me for 10 years (nearly non-stop) until it failed in December 2020. This was replaced by a HP SFF PC with an external...
  3. TedLasso

    SAP Concur Expense claim solution - input required

    This is for anyone using SAP Concur Expenses to manage expense claims locally (South Africa) Would it be possible to share what your cost is for each claim submitted? SAP won't liaise with us locally, as our Company (based in Europe) signed a global agreement and the cost to process one claim...
  4. TedLasso

    Sonoff Devices / Sonoff with Tasmota

    Questions on Sonoff devices here including those flashed with Tasmota. Important posts , references can be included in this first post .. Edit:- 17/12/2019: How to Flash Sonoff to Tasmota :- For Windows use Tasmota-PyFlasher . Latest Tasmota...
  5. TedLasso

    Home Assistant : Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Your Configs

    As topic says, post questions on Hass here. Important posts , tips can be included in this post ?
  6. TedLasso

    CV writing service

    I need help to write my CV in the ZA/UK formats and to update my linked in profile to be more appealing. I read about these CV writing services and would appreciate if anyone who has used them could share their experiences, cost and who you used. I need to tailor my CV for a senior management...
  7. TedLasso

    03-06-2019 - Is Rain Down for you?

    Rain website not online and on my rain sim - appears to be no internet. Can anyone else confirm?
  8. TedLasso

    Geospatial data for PowerBi or other

    I have been tasked to build a small little dashboard report in powerBI or other that can take erf details as the base layer for an area and then we want to overlay which properties are for example are paying members , and other things they are interested in . Is there a source of data that is...
  9. TedLasso

    Validity of Digital Signatures in South Africa

    So there are multiple solutions being offered sold in South Africa like , Adobe Sign, etc. As far as I know a digital signature is considered binding on documents signed this way in South Africa. Example of something here:- My...
  10. TedLasso

    Building the ultimate Raspberry Pi Cluster?

    So Pi Experts, tell me if this is possible:- I have a few Raspberry Pi 3s floating around running as Kodi Boxes and one as a Home Assistant. I just bought Ubiquity Wifi and security gear and am in the process of setting it up. As I need a UniFi controller on the cheap, I was going to go with...
  11. TedLasso

    The official Ubiquiti Devices Q&A Thread

    Starting this thread as search doesn't bring something like this up. A place to ask and answer Ubiquiti related questions for newbies and experts alike. If there is a already a thread, please point it out [emoji16]
  12. TedLasso

    Business Continuity Software

    Hi , Maybe the wrong forum to post in, but does anyone know/use (real world experience needed) Cloud based Business Continuity Software that doesn't cost a fortune (e.g. $20K) ? I work for a small site locally, and the prices being charged are out of our price range but I would prefer to use a...
  13. TedLasso

    RouterOS Experts - How to setup inbound access + DDNS

    Hi, I am normally good with firewalls, but this Mikrotik RouterOS is driving me nuts. Requirement:- I have an ISP that provides dynamic addressing (at home). I don't want a static IP. I need to connect to my CCTV/Alarm using DynDNS remotely. For the life of me, I can't work out how...