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    Herotel 1GBPS Lines

    Hello guys and gals. Has anyone here actually got the 1GBPS fibre line from Herotel? I have been a customer of theirs for a while now, started on the fastest they offered when I got the fibre, which was 100mbps. When their new pricing launched a few months ago I was so stoked to get the 1GBPS...
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    Mi-Link Data Usage via SimShare Data Usage Wrong?

    Hello Guys. So I'm having a issue with a company called Mi-Link, that has a app which you can download to your phone, buy data on their platform, and then wait for a SMS from MTN to notify that you have been linked to a simshare data device. Their app on my mobile then tracks the data usage...
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    WASP's billing me without consent. Anyone else?

    Morning Guys and Girls. I was wondering how often this happens to people without them knowing. I get SMS's every now and then, for some subscription service or the other, but normally i just ignore them. So this morning I decided to see what this is all about, as it often states "Thank you...
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    Hi Guys, So I have a Afrihost formatted E5330 portable router. The thing is, I dont want to use it with a Afrihost simcard anymore, and I cant for the life of me seem to find anywhere where I can change the APN on the router. Any help?
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    8ta/Telkom Mobile VAS Services

    I just saw this new option on my prepaid *180# USSD Menu and immediately called the service center to ask what this was all about. As it turns out: Option 1: Unlimited Calls to ANY 8ta/Telkom Mobile Cell Numbers. It does not matter if you have 8ta/Telkom Mobile coverage or if you're using...