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    Rain 4G on 5G router

    Hey quick question please. A mate of mine is literally on the border of 4G and 5G , looking at the rain coverage map. If he gets the 5G router ( current special R470 for 3 months ) and the 5G doesnt work , will the router automatically default and pick up 4G ?
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    Cell C Fibre price increase

    Has anyone else received the SMS about their price increases from July ? I’m on openserve with them and looks like prices going up around 20% ! Roughly R130 p.m. for me . And when one clicks the link in all the info it says I can cancel but then I’ll be liable for all the remaining portion of...
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    Cell C woes

    I know there are a lot here who don’t like Cell C but I had a great experience with them during installation. From application to up and running (new open serve line installation ) with less then a week. Since then everything has been running smoothly. Last week I decided to upgrade to a 40 meg...