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  1. Convict

    Rain 5G became unusable

    Yes, I have read all the treads here on how bad Rain was, but since I had not fibre in my area at the time, it was the best value for money. Considering at the time that I got it, it just got released on my area, so the tower was not congested. Fast forward a couple of months, and now my 5G is...
  2. Convict

    Average time to wait for Vodacom to connect fibre

    2 Weeks ago I applied for Vodacom Fibre through Vumatel, on the application screen it said it will take 2 weeks, the approval was done within a couple of hours and I got the router 2 days later, but since then nothing. I have called the call center and each time I'm being told that someone 2nd...
  3. Convict

    Any freelance SEO guys

    We have the need for someone that specializes in SEO. We mainly develop with Laravel , but there will be future SEO needs for sites built with React and Django as well, we looking for someone that we could use for all our sites, preferably on a freelance bases.
  4. Convict

    What is required to get into the database development / mangement sector

    I would like to know where or what I need to study, to improve my chances of getting a job in the database sector. Sector I suppose is not the correct word, but into the database part of development. Currently I have a Bsc degree, but due to lack of experience, and some other factors, I cannot...
  5. Convict

    When to be forthcoming about criminal record

    Long story short, I have a criminal record. Actually spent a substantial time in prison. Straightened my life out, decided to use my time constructively and studied. Managed to complete my BCS degree in Computer Science through UNISA, and yes I had to pay it myself. The question now is, when...