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    Any decent Mi Box S / Samsung Smart TV games?

    Are there any decent 2 player games available on the Mi Box S or on Samsung Smart TVs? Not particularly interested in shootout or fighting type of games - looking for Sport or Trivia or decent board game type of games?
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    ESPN Returning to DSTV

    ESPN 1 & 2 will be launching at 18H00 on 29 July - channels 218 & 219. Baseball, hockey, basketball and some lesser football leagues are among the sports increasing "live sport" content. More details published by Thinus at: 7 years after dumping Africa the American sports brand ESPN returns to...
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    Best VPN for Mi Box S

    Any recommendations for a good VPN to use on the Mi Box S - specifically for when using Mobdro but also in general? Fast speeds and with a good netwiok of servers in the US and UK? The following ones get recommended in various articles but anyone with personal local experiences?
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    Samsung Q70R (2019) and 5GHz WiFi

    This is not a train smash at all for me as I will probably stick to a Wired connection but I recently bought a Q70R (2019 model) and have found two online references stating that it supports 5GHz - the one states that the WiFi is 802.11ac and the other lists WiFi specs as 2.4GHZ/5GHz. The TV is...
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    DSTV Explora - Max download speed possible?

    Has anyone with fibre connections in excess of 100Mbps managed to get speed test results on any DSTV Explora model over 100Mbps - either via Ethernet or Wifi? I seem to recall the first model only supported speeds up to 100Mbps but heard nothing since about the Explora 2A or the Explora 3. Not...
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    DSTV CatchUp+ download errors

    Anyone else experiencing occasional problems watching CatchUp+ titles via DSTV Explora? Some titles seem to work and some only work in SD or only in HD. When I go to History it shows a HTTP Error: 504. There was a similar issue some time ago when they experienced some problems and then it got...
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    The Walking Dead - Season 10 resumes

    The Walking Dead Season 10 resumes with episode 9 on Monday morning (24 Feb) at 03H00 on Fox (Ch 125) after the usual long production/broadcast break.