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    iOS 8 Keyboards

    I suspect sarcasm? Why.
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    The Hyundai i20 Thread

    I think I just wet myself. Drooool
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    Activate iOS 7 iPhone 5 without Sim

    Cannot active without a SIM. =(
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    Whatsapp iOS 7

    Opens up WhatsApp. Crashes on contact list.
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    iOS7.1 beta

    Could you perhaps post the full changelog? Can't find anything useful with the oracle...
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    iOS 7.04

    iPhone 5 =\
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    iOS 7.04

    My update was only 17MB? :wtf:
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    Cellc Repair Centre - iPhone 5

    Find my iPhone has been extended to include a few things, most noticably, Activation Lock. This requires you to enter the owner's iCloud password when setting up the phone, even after flashed. This is a theft deterant. It also prevents you from resetting the phone's settings.
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    Lost and Found

    Yes, there is - remove the pillow off-of the phone.
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    iOS 7 & BBM

    Oh yes, iOS is their product.
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    iOS 7 & BBM

    Apple, please don't spoil iOS 7 with BlackBerry: We're more than happy to use WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS or just to Call.
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    LTE enabled on iPhone 5 for Vodacom via carrier update

    N/A for Prepaid or Top Up customers, seems they want to be able to bill you at the same rate as the speed of your connection.
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    New iPhone headphones - wow!

    I agree, they're quite good. The only two problems I have with them is that they begin to hurt your ears after about an hour, but I guess that's due to the whole ear-piece begin made of plastic. And then it's also lacking some bass as well, but overall they're quite impressive for earphones of...