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    Hair Loss products

    Hi all I am male starting to experience hair thinning and loss so am looking to treat that. I was at Advanced Hair Studio and they say it is androgenic alopecia. I was recommended either laser or stem cell treatment, and was told that the laser treatment is simply slower at producing results...
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    Sonoff T3US1C replacing existing switch help

    Hi guys This might have been asked before but i honestly am a bit lost. I have the Sonoff TX T3US1C. In my light switch i have a blue, red and a bare wire(earth). It is currently connected to a simple 1 gang switch which takes a neutral and a live. That works fine. I am not sure though how to...
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    Lost Drivers License - How To Handle

    Hi guys My Drivers license got lost and I am not quite sure how to handle this. I looked at This site gave me indication...
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    ABSA Home Loans applications delays and Expected Interest Rates

    Hi guys I have 2 questions. 1. Was just curious if anyone applied for a home loan with ABSA recently and what was your experience. My issue is that I submitted an application to ABSA about 2 weeks ago, but I am still waiting for the approval quotation. This is obviously messing with my...
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    Moving away from Liberty Retirement Annuity

    Hi guys My girlfriend and I are relooking at our RA's with Liberty, we are juniors in this, please bear with this. My girlfriend has been paying R1200 toward her RA for the last 10 years, if I do the math, thats around R144000 cash, but looking at her investment statement, the total investment...
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    LG OLED Green Haze Issue - LG C7

    Hi guys Has anyone had or is having issues with LG OLED TV where when there's yellow content, there's a green haze on screen. I have not noticed it on any other colour. I have an LG OLED C7 Model OLED55C7V-T. First noticed when watching The Simpsons(lots of yellow), there is a green haze...
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    Home rowers - Threshold Sports, Infiniti, NordicTrack

    Hi guys I am looking to get an indoor rower, i have only ever used the Concept 2's, but since gyms are closed because of lock down, i am looking to build up a home gym starting with a rower. Has anyone any experience with the following rowers: 1. Make: Threshold Sports...
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    MTN Auto-registration for paid services such as Gamer+

    Hi guys Has anyone else experienced issues with mtn registering you automatically for their services such as the Gamer+ service? This is not a free service. I have a data contract so the sim is in a router which i check occasionally for messages. I was lucky i caught this one within 24 hours...
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    Frozen motion photography - Smartphones

    Hi guys I once had a phone, it was a nokia n8. If i took a picture of moving wheel, or water spraying out of a hose, if i had the Xenon flash on, it would take these incredible frozen moment type of pictures, ie the wheel would look as if it is perfectly still, and better yet with water, you...
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    Astrophotography - Orion

    Hi guys, I am interested in AP, I am keen on either the 8" or 10" Orion f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescopes with an Orion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount. I am leaning more toward the 10", just so that I can have a good visual experience as well. Anyone have...
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    Samsung Q7C backlight bleed

    Hi guys Anyone else experience backlight bleed issues, especially on dark scenes. I notice beams of light shining from the top and bottom of the screen. Backlight setting turned down all the way to 5 from max 20 and its clearly visible, but at 5 the picture looks dull. I bought it at Sounds...
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    Glossy ultra wide monitors

    Hi guys I am looking to buy a monitor that has a glossy screen. I dont want to discuss pros and cons, just want to know if anybody knows where i can get any decent ultra wide glossy screen monitors. Thanks guys