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    Afrihost vs Web Squad

    Both are great ISP , cant go wrong with both :)
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    Best ISP with free installation (>8 meters) on Openserve?

    Same also with Afrihost and pole was other side of the yard and Openserve didnt charge for installation via aerial fibre
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    Openserve Fibre Strandfontein / Bayview/ Weltevreden Rollout

    Eish i feel your pain , I had 2 contractors come to my house when i had mine installed and both never pitched on time , one came on a random day and did site inspection and never returned , we had openserve installing in our office complex , so i asked the infrastructure manager to rush my...
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    WebAfrica worste service ever!

    Agreed , when they had human beings working for them instead of Whats App Bots
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    How to cancel Telkom lines or services

    I did mine online through the Telkom portal and was cancelled in within 2 months and then the accounts disappeared off the portal :)
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    openserve phoned me today

    My Property they ran the cable like this (blue) from Fibre Red Box with Openserve with the existing old copper cable (waiting to be cancelled)
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    Frogfoot East London

    Hi Hemps I see VUMA is available in you area but havent heard great things about vuma either Openserve fibre recenrly went live in Beacon Bay hopefully they will start in Abbotsford soon :)
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    So I entered this competition...

    eish you entered a fake competition , Adblockers/Popup Blockers ftw
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    Can a fibre ISP account be shared...?

    Please don't signup with webafrica , the evidence is on the forums , after sales service does not exist or talking a human being doesn't exist :ROFL:
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    Webafrica contact apart from WhatsApp

    The most common answer from the whatsapp bots ... I'm sorry its taking longer than usual to connect you to an agent. I'll keep trying...
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    Sudden excessive usage on Web Africa

    I have the same issue, i am capped at 200GB(Never happens) and the off peak is at 50 % and i never use 1tb of data on off peak ,getting only 1/4 of my line speed at the moment The portal is broken again and needs to be restarted or fixed by there *tech* team Tried to speak to the whats app...
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    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost

    Hi Afri Thanks for the answer , will look at my options available in May :)
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    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost

    Hi Afri , this is exciting news When the new customer subscribes at the 30/3 price package will the user be locked at that price or will it change depending on Frogfoots double line speed special pricing after a couple of months down later ? just curious sounds good :)
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    FTTH East London

    Not good service at all , Been looking at Vox or Cool Ideas , How is Axxess these days ?
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    FTTH East London

    Eish Mweb , Yep frogfoot only in my road at the moment , Hope Vuma or openserve eventually move to my road lol
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    FTTH East London

    Hi Guys , is anybody on Mweb or Vox with frogfoot in B/B ? I'm interested in getting fibre was just wondering what you guys expereince has been like etc so far