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    FNB Shares Zero

    Anybody tried or considering the new FNB Shares Zero account, which offers a no fees to invest in various FNB ETF & ETNs looks interesting if you already bank with them...
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    FNB Virtual Card Issues

    Hi all, is anyone else having issues with their FNB Virtual Cards linked to credit card? My DOs are failing due to some CVV error, which should not feature as an issue. Also, when using the live CVV for purchases, the same error occurs.
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    DCX Capital

    Any users/reports on DCX capital's offering for 10-crypto exchange?
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    EasyEquities US Account - US Bond ETF and tax

    Does anyone own any US Bond ETFs in their EasyEquities account? How do the coupons work and the related tax implications of such? - is there perhaps an option for total return for those that intend to use the bond asset class as a means to diversify as opposed to receive income? Thanks
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    Contingency for worst case SA

    Let's first define the worst case scenario: In 2019:,populism prevails and mixture of socialism and marxism is adopted fully by the leading government in efforts to attain socio-economic equality for the people. The result: the rand value plummets and inflation begins to rise. What are some of...