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    Amazon Prime app for Android in SA

    I've signed up for an Amazon Prime account but it doesn't seem possible to get the app in SA to use the system on Android, such as my TV box or my phone. Does anybody know if there's a way around this to get the app in SA, working. Otherwise I'm not going to bother keeping this account if I can...
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    Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime - which 2 would you choose?

    If you have to choose two of the three packages, which two would you choose and why? My wife has insisted I stick to two of these three, I can't decide, don't know them well enough. What are the major differences?
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    SABC on internet streaming

    Is it currently possible to get SABC live streaming over the internet, such as via an XBMC plug-in? We've cut off DSTV and we get a very poor signal for normal terrestrial TV. My wife wants her 7-de Laan and I want my moneys worth for my TV licence. For the rest I've got Netflix, Hulu, etc.
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    Best SA ISP for streaming internet TV eg. Netflix?

    Is there an ISP in SA offering a consumer level internet package which will run streaming TV smoothly? I'm currently with Afrihost 4Mb uncapped on a 4Mb line ( tells me my line can get about 2.5Mb/s), which I was led to believe would be ample for streaming TV such as Netflix...
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    XBMC crashing on startup

    Hi. For no apparent reason when I click on XBMC is loads the splash screen for about 3 seconds then crashes back to the home screen. I'm running Beyond XBMC 3.4 on an Android RK3188 TV box. It was working fine before but now not and I've not changed anything on the Android. What I have...
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    PlayOn in SA?

    Hi. Does anybody use PlayOn? There's not much info on this site about this. I've just set up UnoTelly and in the process of setting up Netflix and Hulu, but they don't have live TV such as sports, Disney, NatGeo, MTV, etc and I've come across this Playon which seems to offer...
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    Unotelly Setup

    Hello. Something I'm a bit confused about in setting up Unotelly. I have my 4Mb ADSL (from Afrihost) feeding into a Telkom Duoplus 300WR modem. The wireless signal is off, but it feeds via ethernet to a Tenda A30 wireless range extender and AP which is sending off the wireless signal in my house...