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    Gate Remote

    Hi, Not quite an automation question, but I feel like the guys in this forum should know what I am talking about :) apologies if it sounds like a doff question. My gate had a Rx1-150 shelro receiver. nothing fancy. I bought two remotes . watched a youtube video how to program a remote. easy...
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    Wacom Signature Pads

    Hi all, Just throwing this out there. Does anyone here have experience with Wacom Signature Pads, and integrating them into your software? My issue comes in selecting the right device. The ones I see just allow for the user to Sign (and all they see on the device is their signature). The...
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    Request - correct term for network hardware (Wifi hub?)

    Hi, The word I am looking for is failing me, and my google-fu is not working out. I am not looking for a wifi extender, I am looking for a wireless hub? I have a network cable that comes into my room (through the roof, from my fibre router in another room). It plugs into my NVR camera system...
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    Help me find a mechanical keyboard

    I spent the better part of my afternoon going down a rabbit hole of info regarding mechanical keyboards. So I know that I need a full sized keyboard based on the number crunching I do so I must have a proper number pad But what throws me is the baffling choice of switches. Red/brown/ clear...
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    wall mounted tablet

    Does anyone know of a cheap / effective way to wall mount a tablet? I haven't picked an android tablet yet but probably a 10 inch type, just waiting to see what options are out there for mounting note - its for putting up a cctv display in my kitchen thanks
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    Car reccomendation

    Hi guys, I need some advice please from people who are car fundies. I am clueless, I just drive them :) I am in the market for a car, the price mac is around R350k New car, not seconds hand (its a company car and company says they want new with full service plan etc). Factors that are deal...
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    17" laptops

    I know not a common thins, but can anyone recommend a 17" laptop that still has a fair amount of battery life (4-6hrs) I love larger screens, but I never have good luck with battery life. 20k budget
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    Dba contract work (sql server)

    Is anyone available to do a once off contract job to assist with a performance issue i am having? Pm me with your details if you are able to assist
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    Asus RT-AC1200g+ router setup

    Not sure if this is the right thread to post in, does anyone have any experiance here with the Asus RT-AC1200g+ router?
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    Norwood Fibre

    Starting a new thread to track and discuss the implementation of the Nora (Norwood, Orchards, Abbotsford) fibre network. As things currently stand, Vulacom were given the boot, and now Fibrehood is busy implementing Timelines are expected as follows NORA dates...
  11. C / MVC & Xaml Developers needed - JHB

    Our company, specialising in health-care systems, is looking for an intermediate mvc/c# developer and a junior xaml/c# developer in Norwood, Jhb for a growing tech startup. Available immediately Careers For more info re JobD or salary expectations please send through your CV to...
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    Buying a car through business

    Calling on help from the more Tax Savvy I need to buy a bigger car for my family (just had twins). So time to sell off the smaller hatch for something bigger - most likely 2nd hand. I am a pert owner / director of my own company (its a pty). Is there any tax benefit in my business buying it...
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    VOX deleting hosted data

    Hi Guys, Please tell me if I am being out of line, or making a mountain out of a molehill, but to me this seems like a big issue that anyone hosting at Vox should be made aware of. I have a shared hosting product from Vox – “Linux Advanced” It included 20gb of storage, and ftp capabilities. I...
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    Car suggestion for 3 carseats

    Hi All, Pulling in advice anywhere I can at the moment. Thinking we were to be blessed with our 2nd child, it turns out we are getting our 3rd thrown in as well :) So now this has opened a can of worms, I now need a car that can fit 3 car seats (kiddie #1 is only 3yrs old) So just throwing...
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    Autopage - Misrepresentation

    Hi guys, I needs some advice from people that might be a bit more legally minded than myself as I am in the midsts of a fight with Autopage. Some background - I Upgraded my contract in June. I gave them an offer from TelkomMobile and asked if they would match, which they agreed to. The...
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    Sql Server DBA contractor [JobOpp]

    Hi, I am hosting a Sql Server 2014 database which is currently being maintained by my developers. These are programmers, not full fledged DBAs. I am looking for someone who is open to do some contract work (x hrs per month at x rate) to do some preventative maintenance - i.e. configuring of...
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    Telkom mobile data roaming question

    Hi, I am investigating porting to telkom mobile. One question I have is about how their roaming works (local roaming, not international) Voice roaming is not a problem as I understand data roaming depends on whether or not you have All Network data, or plain telkom data. The deal I am...
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    VOIP home use

    My suburb is going fibre, so i am definitely going to ditch my adsl. This got me thinking, can i ditch telkom completely and my voice line? Are there any voip products that will come in less than the R165pm I pay for the telkom line, and be simple enough to use?
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    FTTH tech questions

    Hi, I am going to a presentation soon about a potential FTTH rollout in my area. Apart from the obvious questions like price, contract period, speeds, bandwidth etc etc are there are important burning questions (probably technical) that I should ask to avoid being bamboozled by a slick sales...
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    Telkom LTE 100gb for business - concerns

    Hi Guys, We are investigating different internet options for our 30 man business. One of the things we have been offered by OfficeGuru is the Telkom LTE-A package with 100gb of data. Based on our current download trends 100gb will suffice (looking at firewall history), and the guy came to...