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    Telkom Fibre High latency at night

    Hey Guys So i am with Webafrica as my ISP but Telkom/Openserve is my FNO, i have no choice as they are the only ones in my area. I too for the last few weeks/months have had the same issue, from around 5pm to around 10pm almost daily my speed goes from 211mb down to around 25mb down, and my...
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    Openserve Fibre - Unacceptable speed / Ping

    Hey guys So i have been with Webafrica, although my Fibre line is with Openserve , i have had 100/50 connection, i upgraded it to 200 down 100up now ,and for t he past few weeks in from around 5pm to 10pm my latency to my Discord server goes from 9ms to around 95ms, i have shown you graphs of...