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    Does anyone have one of these and is it worth it? Realistically, what kind of runtime would this give me with a laptop, 32" LED TV and a light? This is pretty much where my budget ends. If there's a better solution at this price point then I'd welcome recommendations...
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    Worth switching to Tyme Bank? (or wait to see how Bank Zero goes)

    I'm considering jumping the FNB ship. Tired of paying steep fees for very little benefit. Curious how people's real experience has been with Tyme Bank. Hello Peter reviews are bad but I'm also aware that it skews more to complaints than compliments on there.
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    Absolute Hosting support?

    I asked a while back about budget hosting and after recommendations, decided on Absolute Hosting. Last week I sent an email to ask a question and I've still not had a response. So this leaves me wondering. If they don't even respond to a presale query, how much am I going to struggle for...
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    Wootbook, yes/no?

    My long suffering notebook has finally started its death march so I need to replace it. Anyone had any experience with Wootbook?
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    Budget host recommendation

    I haven't hosted a site in a while so looking for recommendations. I need to host a small, simple WordPress site so I'm looking for a reliable host on a budget.
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    Any recent Amazon experiences

    I'm wondering if anyone has recently ordered anything from Amazon and if it was a decent experience. I'm wondering how affected it is by border closure and flight limitations etc.
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    Parklands Estate, Parkrand, Boksburg ISP?

    Can anyone tell me if Parklands Estate in Parkrand has an exclusive with Vodacom or can you use another ISP?
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    Anyone else on Afrihost fibre having trouble streaming Real-Debrid today?

    Myself and 2 other guys on Afrihost fibre are all unable to stream any RD links today. They just load and never play. Anyone else?
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    Decent desktop retailers?

    Hi, I'm looking at an entry level home office desktop. It's more of a secondary admin deal than anything else so no heavy lifting. Though I'd like at least i3. So I'm good with something off the shelf. It's been a while since I did any desktop shopping though so does anyone have a...
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    WooCommerce Courier

    I'm helping a friend set up a small WooCommerce store and need advice on a good courier service. They'll be shipping some products countrywide and frozen produce/boxed meals more locally in the johannesburg area for now due to the short transit time. Can anybody suggest a reasonably priced...
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    I5 with Optane or i7 without?

    So I need a new notebook and I'm looking at 2 options. First is an Asus with i5 and 4gb+16gb Optane. The second is an HP with i7 and 8gb RAM. Outside of that they're both specced the same. They both have mechanical drives. Of the 2 which would give the best performance as I've not used anything...
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    Opinions Asus X411

    So my laptop got fried by a freak lighting strike on Friday night. Didn't even hear the storm. Just woke up to the pop. Fortunately the drive and RAM module survived. So I need to replace it. I'm leaning towards the Asus X411 for the Optane. I figure I can add the 8gb module to the existing 4gb...
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    Which prepaid sim to get?

    I'm looking at getting a prepaid sim to keep my personal number seperate and just wanted to get a consensus on which is best. I haven't used prepaid in ages. I'm with FNB so it would be convenient to get a sim from them but no idea if they're any good. I'm also curious about Afrihost.
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    Nexus 5 screen replacement Johannesburg

    So my mother bought a Nexus 5 from Orange. She decided she didn't need any kind of case and of course 2 days after getting it, dropped it on it's corner shattering the screen. I'm not sure what their policy is on repairing phones damaged by negligence but I have emailed them regarding a...
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    Resource usage - Kaspersky Pure vs Bitdefender Total Security

    I've been using Kaspersky products for years, and it's always been great, but recently I've noticed that avp.exe spikes my CPU usage to between 75 and 100%, Strangely it happens exactly every 2 hours and for around a minute. I've done the module disable/enable thing. On/off various options. No...
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    Nelson Mandela graded proof coins???

    My mother is considering buying a proof coin as a long term investment. From what I'm seeing they look like they have the potential for great returns over time. Of course I want to do all the homework and make sure. What is the consensus on them. Good or bad?
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    iGPU vs NVIDIA Geforce 210

    I'm going to be doing a quick upgrade for someone soon and they currently have an NVIDIA Geforce 210. The board they're upgrading to is the Asus P8B75-M LE with the Intel Core i3-3220. I'm not too familiar with CPU's with iGPU's, it's been a while since I did a hardware upgrade. First off...
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    Vodacom R99 Topup on HTC Desire S

    I see they have the HTC Desire S in the May shop deals booklet. According to 082 1950 the handset has been discontinued. So how is it in the catalogue? I have a hunch they still have stock at certain branches and if so how do I get hold of the deal?
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    When will the debit order on a new Vodacom contract go off?

    Hi, My contract with Virgin ends on 1 June. I want to move over to Vodacom. So when should I sign up with Vodacom so that my 1st debit only comes off after 1 June? I heard that it's 72 hours regardless of the time of the month and they just pro-rata the first debit.
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    Is it worth moving from XP to Windows 7? (performance and responsiveness).

    I'm mostly looking for experiences of people who moved from XP to 7 on the same machines. Although, anything helpful is appreciated. I'm finally considering the move to Windows 7. I think it's mainly because I could use a change in scenery. I've been putting it off because I've always been...