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    Discovery Health - You Pay us back for Our mistake.

    Anyone else got a letter recently (official) from Discovery Health saying they approved a claim for XYZ previously but picked up that they approved it by mistake and now want you to pay the money back? Lol, have these corporates no shame?
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    What’s waiting for us in the next 2 weeks…

    So, apart from a tanked Rand and basically dead Travel Industry, what awaits us next week or the week after?
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    COVID-19 Antibodies - How prevalent?

    Ok, lets keep anything vaccine related out of this post. And focus on how many people have had it and thus have antibodies whether they are vaccinated or not. Since science tells us there IS a level of immunity, is it logical to conclude if we have had high infections counts we should see lower...
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    First lawnmower - which one?

    So I need to buy our first lawnmower and hedge trimmer (always lived in complexes before). Garden size is approximately 800sqm2 of varying grass and shrubs etc. Gardener will be using them. Which would you buy, or what tips do you have? Thanks.
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    How much water do you use?

    Can I get an idea of how many KL of Water you're billed-for by your municipality per MONTH. If possible please indicate how many in the household. Currently we're 4 adults in a large house with a pool. Our usage is 61KL per month. Is that considered high? Since we came from a complex I never...
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    DSC 1864 Panel with DLS Software - Access code?

    So, I have a new house and it came with a pre-installed DSC panel. I've only ever worked with Texecom stuff so this thing has me stumped. Below is the summary; DSC 1864 Panel Some kind of DSC Wireless TX/RX device An Ethernet Module that was plugged into the home router in another room (i assume...
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    Discovery Sites - Anyone or members only?

    Does anyone know (for sure) whether Discovery Walk-in sites allow NON-Discovery public to be vaccinated if registered on EVDS as well? Or is it only Discovery Members?
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    Discovery Insure - The other side

    So I understand how Discovery insurance works with regards to tracking good driver behavior for discounts. What i'de like to know is what happens when you DON'T drive properly? Are you charged more? Or could they cancel your insurance. I bought a rather fast car, not because i intend to drive...
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    Dark, dingy and dirty - OR Tambo and the wasted year.

    I've recently been to 2 EU airports and 1 Arab one. The 2020 pandemic hit everyone hard, but as it began easing - and travel not picking up entirely - many countries used the very rare opportunity of almost-empty airports to due needed maintenance and some even to do re-designs. The 3 airports...
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    How long to open Eskom Account?

    Anyone from experience here know how long it takes from the time you email Eskom the opening forms, application, COC, IDs, etc etc until they open an account for a property you bought? I tried to do it in person at Megawatt Park but they wouldn't let us in due to Covid-19, they said the staff...
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    Homekit and Siri all over the place

    I have 4 Homepod Mini's, 1 Homepod, 2 Apple TV's and numerous Yeelight globes. I also have a Homebridge setup providing an interface to a few Shelly switches. My problem is two fold; 1. Randomly devices just appear "offline" on Homekit. I cant control a Yeelight globe fine for 2 days and then...
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    SA Government's 14-day PCR Test validity for SADC Business Travel

    Has anyone used this allowance yet for business travel? My concern is I know South African officials may know about this, and will let you back in with the COVID test older than 72 hours if you can prove it was business travel. But what about the departure airlines in the SADC countries? How...
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    Centurion G-Speak Ultra 2G

    I need some help with a g speak intercom from centurion. I’ve moved into the property and Centurion Sys have transferred the device into my profile. Ive put a Vodacom Sim in it with airtime and data. On the device display it shows full network and connected to “G” with apn internet. however...
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    Is South Africa accepting vaccination cards/passports?

    I can't seem to find much on the web, does anyone know if South Africa is accepting vaccine certificates yet for either citizens returning into an airport or visitors coming into an airport? i.e then NOT having a covid-19 pcr test.
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    Self-maintained alarm - insurance loophole yes or no?

    I'm wondering if someone who's worked for an insurance company knows: If this clause is in my insurance policy: "THERE IS NO THEFT COVER IF THE SECURITY DEVICES ARE NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED, MAINTAINED AND USED." And I have an alarm system installed in my house (Texecom) thats fully operational...
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    Polestar upgrade - is it a performance upgrade to insurance?

    So i'm thinking of getting the Polestar upgrade/unlocked on my Volvo. But I'm wondering if insurance considers this "any addition or modification to the engine for increased speed or performance" The engine itself is not being touched, Polestar is simply a new menu option unlocked as far as i...
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    COVID Survivor Guilt - Is it a thing?

    So, i'm speaking to a lot of people lately who've lost someone they know - be it close, or distance friends/relatives since March 2020 and slightly more now. It got me thinking, based on some people's comments, that maybe some people are feeling survivors guilt? Say You're a 40-yr old man...
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    Switching to Prepaid Electricity - Experiences?

    Can someone share the process for switching one's house from postpaid to prepaid electricity? I've got 0 experience with this as I came from a complex with levies. What is the process to get the meter installed? How do you cancel the "account" with Eskom and so forth? This is for a new...
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    Harrismith residents vow to shut down N3 Just highlighting the above as a warning, for anyone traveling on the N3 this week and/or next to be extra careful. I was there on Monday on the N3 and as i was approaching the down-hill before the 1Stop they were lighting fires...
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    Homekit recommendations

    Can anyone recommend brands (available locally) that work with Apple HomeKit? (no i don't want to hear about why I should switch to Alexa or Google etc lol) I'm looking particularly for; -Light bulbs 220V pref without bridge, but if not possible... -Smart switches 220V -Garage door controllers...