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    Wanted VW Golf

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): 2003 - 2008 VW Golf 1.4 upwards Is packaging essential?:Its a car no packaging needed Desired age and condition: Condition just stock standard Location:Gauteng and surroundings Willing to accept a shipped item: Maybe Looking for a nice standard VW golf...
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    ABSA Payment Pebble

    Just got word now, With Absa’s Payment Pebble becoming available for commercial use this week, the world of payments will be revolutionised through speed, convenience and security, Payment Pebble, a South African innovation, is a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) device that allows merchants...
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    To upgrade or not - iPad 2 wifi to iPad 3 + 4G

    easy do it online or in a branch or even over the telephone on the fastapp line then they will be able too check if you do meet the criteria
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    iPod Classic 160GB

    I can offer you R700 Dolby
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    Small change can make big difference

    It’s often small changes that have the biggest impact. The same could be said of the small change in your pocket. Instead of spending your coins, or putting them in a piggy bank, imagine if you could deposit them in an ATM and straight into your savings or loan account. Clients of Capitec...
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    iPad Mini Sim

    Well u can also load airtime via an atm or cellphone banking like drawing cash or making a payment it is always listed under prepaid services....
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    The "I bought an iPad in South Africa" Thread

    ja hey eish me too but have so much on my plate as well maybe da missus will hook me up on my Bday next month.......
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    Home DSL help

    HI Guys dunno if this ever came up, I'm pretty good with abusing work internet but I think its high time I got my own so I need help selecting the right package for me.........I am getting a netbook an HP 2140 so I wanna know if it will be able to handle downloads I willl be downloading movies...
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    Series Currently on

    Hi guys got a mate working somewhere where they like have a number of series stored on a server, now I need to know from u guys I like psyfy, crime, and something not too crazy and also not too full of kisses ang hugs the names are too much so I can even list them and he sent me a...
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    Astar Travel

    Hi Guys dunno if u guys heard of the company, well if you do the offer amazing trips around the world at reasonable prices. Anyway their in the country now calling people and setting up appointments and offering these wonderfull trips well now everyone is wondering if there is anything...
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    Hi Guys, I just wanted to get a few opinions on our furniture market cause I have ventured into a small business where we working on improving on designs, functionality and the needs and wants of consumers.....I really would value your input as we are in the process of making a huge change in...
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    Internet Download Manager

    Hi guys I just wanted to find out if I had to use this system/software what are the pro's and cons thereof
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    Difference Between Plasma & LCD

    I often get told that LCD is better than Plasma but sometimes read that plasma is better. So now dat its finally time to upgrade I wanna find out which is better.........any suggestions? I"ve always been a Sony type of guy......but then get told that Sony uses Samsung old panels:confused: is...