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    Vumatel Price change

    Speed upgrade has been done on my MTS connection.
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Got the same email. At last Vumatel is doing something about the speeds to try and be competitive.
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    Openserve / Telkom - can someone interpret this bill for me?

    Next to the rental charges would be the telephone number and that would dictate what service that is. So the 2mb service is for the DSL service for the one address and fibre on the other address. Telkom's system added the fibre service on the same BAN number since it is the same customer. And...
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    Got myself the 65U7QF from Hirsch's for R15k. Coming from a 40" Series 5 Samsung, This is a big upgrade. The colours are great. Must still play with it over the weekend, but so far, It's awesome.
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    Free Usenet Server

    It is not working for me as well. Trying to figure out where I can get more info on why.