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    FNB Online Banking

    Not sure where to post this.... Has anyone noticed that the on FNB online (or app) banking, the eFiling payment link under Payments is missing after hours.....does anyone know why this is? Thanks Gendibal.
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    MTN S10E Deal

    So...I'm not sure if this is the correct thread so Mods please move if necessary. Sunday morning I'm browsing the MTN site and I come across a contract deal for the S10e for R249 x 24 months. Zero pay in on the phone. Looks like a bargain so I placed the order. Got the confirmation email...
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    Holiday Accommodation - JHB - Oct 2015

    Howzit! I'm looking for a holiday rental (house, apartment, townhouse) during October 2015 for 14 guests (6 children and 8 adults). We would prefer self catering but we really just need a place for sleeping and to have breakfast. Would prefer 4 bedrooms if possible. Areas we are looking...
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    "Dead" Lumia 800

    Hi, I have a Lumia 800 that's basically dead. It doesn't startup. Initially it just froze with the Nokia logo on the screen and when I would put it onto charge then the battery indicator would come up with a red bar at the bottom. I took it in to a Nokia repair centre where the guys worked...
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    DLink 2707 and Netgear DG834g Bridging Help

    Hi, I have a DLink 2707 from Telkom as my main ADSL router. I also have an older Netgear DG834G (also from Telkom). My DLink is in my study. The Netgear will be in my lounge. It's too far to run cable (and I'm lazy :-P). I want to use the Netgear to link my TV (PS51D450) and my Mede8ter...
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    FNB Fuel Rewards

    Hi, When using online banking, there used to be a link on the LHS menu when you viewed your accounts. Where's the link gone? I don't know what tier I'm sitting on or how my eBucks are being calculated. Also, does anyone know if you can consolidate your point from diff accounts (cheque, credit...
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    Current Markets Situation

    Hi Need some advice/guidance here. I haven't actively invested in the markets since about 2008 when I withdrew all my investments to buy a house. Now I've got some cash to play with (R100k) and was wondering: 1. Is it a good time to enter the market? Methinks yes because of the recent slide in...
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    Investment Advice

    Hi, Let's just say :rolleyes: I have about R7000/month available for investment. What would you guys recommend? Shares, property, gold (krugerrands), futures, etc.? I'm 35 and have four kids (one in school), a R500k bond and a car I'm paying off. I've got a stable (hopefully :p) job with a...
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    MTN sim replacement cost

    Hi, I had the ff experience: My phone stopped making calls so i tried my wife's sim and all was fine. So I take my phone in to the MTN shop and they say the sim has an 'irrepairable error'. Now comes the kicker - they tell me it'll cost R110 to replace. After much 'discussion' with two...