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  1. gideonel

    What are your favourite South African websites?

    Takealot - Great online shopping platform Gumtree - Great local bargain platform
  2. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Okay, so i have not changed a thing, now it is working again - stated by the client. I am going to set his account up at work quick and test form my side. I am 100% convinced this is something on webafrica side.
  3. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Thank you for that suggestion and I will look at the link work through it and advise. But, the issue is on his Android phone and on this PC via Outlook and Thunderbird. I have also setup his account on my PC on Outlook and Thunderbird. Same result across on 5 devices.
  4. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    To give you a idea, I have be in IT for around 10 Years and currently work as IT support in a major industrial firm in our city. I do IT support to select persons after hours. The person I am looking after is a top medical specialist in our city. I am not the best tech support out there, there...
  5. gideonel

    New giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes

    Primary camera: 16MP(F2.2) + 12MP(F1.5/2.4), LEF flash Rear Camera 10MP (F1.9) LED flash Front Camera
  6. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Hi guys, If this post is in the wrong area, I am sorry, please advise or move it to a different area. I have a client who is a client of WebAfrica. He recently started having a issue with his email. He has this issue on his phone and on this PC via Outlook and Thunderbird. I have his mail...
  7. gideonel

    Blocking 15 digit numgers

    Hi guys, I would appreciate some help if someone out there has the hidden knowledge. At work I have received a mobile phone which was used previously by another employee who has since left. The problem is that the employee has registered this number all over the world and back again. I receive...
  8. gideonel

    Super Rugby 2017

    Seriously looking forward to the competition. After the Springbok nightmare and will be interesting to see how the franchises perform in this competition.
  9. gideonel

    Sharks Supporters Thread

    With the Currie Cup upon us we will see how the hope and dreams of the management team play out. I am all for a younger side, a side that can grow and develop a bit. Spare us the superstars and imports and work on the younger guys coming through the ranks.
  10. gideonel

    Boks keep RWC incentives quiet

    It's important for the players to know what they get, not the whole world. My salary and my bonus is not public knowledge, so why should their's be. All we need to know is that they are working their backsides off at bringing that cup home.
  11. gideonel

    Rugby Championship - Missing results 2005 & 2008

    Wow and thank you, was going to start working on the Currie Cup in a month and can use all the resources I can lay my hands on.
  12. gideonel

    Rugby Championship - Missing results 2005 & 2008

    The records supplied by Fulcrum is what I needed. I am aware about the naming issue with Argentinia coming into play and should have asked my question more correctly. Thank you
  13. gideonel

    Rugby Championship - Missing results 2005 & 2008

    Thanks Fulcrum29, went through WikiP, but could not find these records. Many thanks Gideon
  14. gideonel

    Rugby Championship - Missing results 2005 & 2008

    Howzit I am looking for past results of the Rugby Championship competition - Years 2005 & 2008 I have looked on various sites but I cannot find these years. Is there a possibility that the competition was not running these years or might anyone out there know where I could find these...
  15. gideonel

    Springboks and ASICS launch new RWC jersey

    The jersey does look awful but this is only for the RWC. Before and after the world cup the Bok will be back... Bok hooray!!!
  16. gideonel

    De Bruin turns down Kings' offer

    He's gifted but he will be on a short lease, so good for him. Stay where the grass is green...
  17. gideonel

    Naas Botha: Bulls need a new coach

    Read the news 24 article, fans and bull haters seem to be devided on this remark. But I would love to see Naas as Bulls coach, I think he can bring something to the game. And maybe he can see that the best game plan is only as good as the teams attitude...
  18. gideonel

    South Africa ready to host 2023 Rugby World Cup, says delegation

    Terrific, would love to sit and watch a world cup match on home soil. But really hope they ban them Vuvazela's...
  19. gideonel

    Official 2015 Super Rugby Thread

    Anyone for some ballet???