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  1. Convict

    Niche importers

    Basics of economics, if there is little to no stock of something high in demand, the price will not be cheap, if it is cheap, it is a scam most of the time. Don't be that guy that comes to the forum and tell us how these guys scammed you out of your money.
  2. Convict

    People who drive with their arm dangling out the window

    I see this a lot and always wonder are they not worried a taxi side swipes them and gone is their arm. With the reckless driving of taxi's I would not risk my arm like that.
  3. Convict

    Microsoft testing Windows 11 Start menu changes and other new features

    I want to be able to reduce my task bar size to small as it was done in windows 10, I know you can do this via the registry, but why not just bring back the setting.
  4. Convict

    3 killed, 8 injured in shooting at Oxford High School in suburban Detroit

    I spent a fair amount of time with Morne Harmse, and if you put all the stuff aside that the media said, it came down to someone that got bullied and bullied until he could not handle it anymore. Yes going to school with a sword was wrong, but he had no way else to deal with it, in his mind...
  5. Convict

    Niche importers

    Good deal when no other people have stock? If you said they have stock but the price is inflated it would have made sense, but if they have a good deal in a climate where the consoles are almost impossible to find, then it is almost always a scam so be careful.
  6. Convict

    Demand for programming skills surge in South Africa

    I'm currently employed by a very small web development company, which means I have no senior developers that I work with, no real growth potential, not working in a team of developers. So yes I hope that one day I can also work for a company that has a team of developers where I can be one of...
  7. Convict

    Demand for programming skills surge in South Africa

    I did not know you can be too old for a junior I'm too inexperienced for anything less than a junior position, but now that you mention age, I can somewhat understand why I never get any call backs when applying for junior positions. It seems this is a catch 22 situation for me then.
  8. Convict

    Should Oscar Pistorius be granted parole?

    Thanks for the compliment. I have made lots of mistakes in life, excluding the crime I committed as that was not a mistake, it was something else. So I try to be as honest as possible at all times, to somehow, just compensate for all the mistakes I made.
  9. Convict

    Huge kidnapping problem in South Africa - Police working with criminals

    Soon the entry level criminals will realise they can make more money kidnapping a kid then it is to hijack a car, even if you get the same amount of money, the risk is way less. The biggest risk for any criminal activity is getting away from the scene, once you are successful in not getting...
  10. Convict

    Rain 5G became unusable

    Yes, I have read all the treads here on how bad Rain was, but since I had not fibre in my area at the time, it was the best value for money. Considering at the time that I got it, it just got released on my area, so the tower was not congested. Fast forward a couple of months, and now my 5G is...
  11. Convict

    Average time to wait for Vodacom to connect fibre

    Will put some pressure on them.
  12. Convict

    Average time to wait for Vodacom to connect fibre

    2 Weeks ago I applied for Vodacom Fibre through Vumatel, on the application screen it said it will take 2 weeks, the approval was done within a couple of hours and I got the router 2 days later, but since then nothing. I have called the call center and each time I'm being told that someone 2nd...
  13. Convict

    Demand for programming skills surge in South Africa

    I just hope more and more of the current developers in the country get jobs in Europe, eventually, maybe some company will look past my criminal record and give me a chance due to not finding anyone
  14. Convict

    Man shot in head by police after altercation at local guest house

    He is surely getting charged if he does manage to survive. They can easily stick robbery on the weapon he took, and illegal possession of it as well.
  15. Convict

    Man shot in head by police after altercation at local guest house

    Would the taking of her firearm constitute robbery? Things can turn ugly very fast, just because he pointed the gun down, does not mean he could not point it towards someone and fire. The fact that he has already robbed a police officer while others are present and having firearms drawn, means...
  16. Convict

    GOTY 2021 nominations, What is yours?

    How does Outriders compare to division 2? I have been wanting to get into a new looter shooter, and I have seen a lot of mix reviews on youtube so not sure if this would be worth the time investment.
  17. Convict

    Hotel owner found stabbed to death in his swimming pool

    Yes half sentence before she will qualify for parole.
  18. Convict

    Reeva Steenkamp's parents don't want Oscar to get parole - report

    Nothing wrong with that statement, if I did not do what I did I would feel the same, so I do understand.