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  1. MK_Ultra

    South African hospitals prepare for surge in Omicron admissions

    Look at these headlines. They seem to contradict each other. The fog of war perhaps.
  2. MK_Ultra

    Extreme leftist swing of TV content and social media platforms

    It's pervasive. Overrepresented and not reality. It seems the worlds gone mad. Forced promotion of mixed relationships. Always mixing caucasion with african or Asian. It seems they want mixed race in future a homgenous pliable population. No religion or ethnic heritage, just brazilian type...
  3. MK_Ultra

    Mortal Kombat (reboot) 2021

    Oh and WB also mandated MK be not longer than 2 hrs. Once again messing with the storytelling and giving the world a rushed movie with choppy editing and fights that were too short. WB did the same for GvK and the result is the same.
  4. MK_Ultra

    Mortal Kombat (reboot) 2021

    So I just watched MK last night and noticed how racist the production was towards the white guy Kano. He was portrayed by the writers as an imbecile and uncooth. He was beaten down by a white female, a couple of asians and eventually becomes a traitor to the good guys who by the way do not have...
  5. MK_Ultra

    Have you ever returned something because you found it cheaper elsewhere?

    Yes I have. The communist in me felt a little guilt. But the capitalist in me is the stronger one and I spent the savings elswhere thereby excercising a little communism. Synergy acheived.
  6. MK_Ultra

    Why are all new cars so slow?

    I bought a 2015 Ford Focus ST 3 for R250k, with 46k kms on the clock. Its possible to find deals. Its just a waiting game if you have the time.
  7. MK_Ultra

    Vuma Reach Phoenix Thread

    Hi, I would like to know when Vuma will be coming to Stonebridge, Phoenix? We desperately need fibre in our area. We have a school, a public library, a Department of Health clinic, and many residents that are currently on expensive LTE. Currently I am using three internet options. I have Rain...
  8. MK_Ultra

    How long it takes to buy a new SIM in 2020

    About 2 min from the guy on the corner, R5 rica'd