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  1. tcofran

    Visa Application

    Anyone ?
  2. tcofran

    Visa Application

    Can anyone please here on the mighty MyBB please assist? I have a colleague with a Portuguese passport and his wife has an RSA passport. The couple would like to visit the UK but are confused with the processes to be followed. The RSA passport would require a visa of which a visitors passport...
  3. tcofran

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    Micro Piezo technology and ISO print speeds of up to 9.2ppm1 help produce high-quality, consistent results fast.
  4. tcofran

    Tshwane Municipal Accounts

    So has anyone here received accounts that differ a lot from month to month ??? Two months ago (and before that) my total account would roughly be R 3200 Month after that = R 4 800 Last month R 3 800 It seems that the problem, according to this link is this: "Chairperson of the metro finance...
  5. tcofran

    Afrikaans is a dying language

    SauRoNZA beat me to it
  6. tcofran

    Afrikaans is a dying language

    Is 'n calculator nie 'n "sakrekenaar" nie ?
  7. tcofran

    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    The ICT SMME Development Strategy works in parallel to facilitate the growth and entry of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) into the ICT sector, with a particular focus on youth and women entrepreneurs, to drive job creation, innovation and socio-economic growth
  8. tcofran

    DSTV Pvr harddrive replacement?

    What are the chances ? I dug this up in my study yesterday, and i was going to create a post to find out if i could use the hard drive ??? this still works fine as far as i can rember So, can i use the hard drive in this thingy in a normal PC / enclosure ?
  9. tcofran

    Biting Dog

    :thumbsup: I give up :cool:
  10. tcofran

    Biting Dog

    Funny. Post edited.
  11. tcofran

    Biting Dog

    This worked for a friend of mine's dog
  12. tcofran

    [W] SSD HDD Hard Drive Caddy for Dell Inspiron 3567

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Bracket / caddy to install SSD in cd-rom location in laptop Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: New / second hand Location: Pretoria East Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes but I'll gladly collect in Pretoria / Centurion. Price: Cheap as...
  13. tcofran

    Sleigh bed fasteners / bolts

  14. tcofran

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    Would also like to know please. Bought this from Takealot and it is absolut rubbish, they are picking it up tomorrow for a refund
  15. tcofran

    RIP faniebraai

    Almost forgot my pic from yesterday. Didn't have Castle Lite, but it's the thought that counts RIP Fanie
  16. tcofran

    Win an Amazon Echo in this Two-Day Giveaway

    With a combination of security, continuity, and backup and recovery services, Mimecast helps to prevent ransomware from landing in your organization. This ensures employees can continue to work during an attack, and archive email data in a secure, independent repository with automated recovery.
  17. tcofran

    **** Cancer

    yay, great news @EMAM My wife also BEAT cancer, and is still clean. Was a kak journey though
  18. tcofran

    Sleigh bed fasteners / bolts

    @upup Thanks, i will pop round to a bed shop, or a bolt place today.