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  1. OkPlankton

    How can I automate Copy/Paste multiple times in a web page with Python?

    Hey Devs! I have a large amount of PC Hardware Serial No's and would like to paste them in a specific website where I'm able to search and get specs back. I then need the URL (after the search is done) to be pasted in a txt file. So: 1. Copy Serial No from a txt/csv file 2. Paste into the...
  2. OkPlankton

    RAIN 5G Premium [Don't waste your money]

    UPDATE: This fix below has resolved a lot of my issues. I still feel the service isn't up to scratch for 1K/pm Hey everybody This isn't a post aimed at trash talking RAIN but only a truly...
  3. OkPlankton

    Support Tech with 3+ years experience

  4. OkPlankton

    Firmware Flash on MWEB FON Router TG589vn v3)

    Hey guys. So, a good friend of mine was generous enough to give me his old Mweb Router, about 6+ months old. My current ISP is AfriHost. I'm not able to add a new connection. Does anybody know how I can flash the firmware and install something generic? I've tried tutorial on a previous...
  5. OkPlankton

    Becoming an Axxess Reseller?

    Hi Guys. I have been doing a bit of research (I clearly need to do way more) on becoming an ADSL reseller. How simple is this? are there crucial steps i need to be aware of before I jump right in. I would like some opinions from you guys so I can weigh the pros and cons. Any advice would...