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  1. Cassady

    Battery drain on iPhone 12 – assuming it's sofware related

    Long time no post! Would appreciate some suggestions >> iPhone 12 with 99% battery health, has been seeing some strange battery issues since the weekend. Leaving it on my (admittedly weak/slow) Anker Qi-charging base, is still seeing a gradual drop in battery percentage. Off the charger, I was...
  2. Cassady

    Is it standard procedure that brake-pads are excluded from an extended service plan?

    I commute about 60 km's return, and spend about 50 minutes in my car each day – at least, that was how it used to be, prior to the whole WFH thing. Bought my Corolla D4D in July 2018 – and have only now put 35k on the clock. Took out an extended service plan at time of purchase, which extends...
  3. Cassady

    Fibre installation madness - am I done?

    Please help me: Can someone please confirm if these two boxes are the TP and the ONT? So, all that is required is for me to plug in a router, and enter the ISP’s details/my account details, and done? Fibre installer insists I need the ISP’s router, or nothing will work... The green ethernet...
  4. Cassady

    Need insurance valuation for my MBP – where/how?

    Dear all – would welcome suggestions. Bought a mid-2015 15" MBP second hand some time back. It has a 1TB Apple SSD inside, which was swapped over from a BTO 13" MBP of the same generation. Recently switched insurance, and need a valuation of the laptop – partially for replacement value, but...
  5. Cassady

    DSTV Now error message? DSTV territories?

    The last few weeks, after having worked flawlessly for years, I am now met with the following error message, when trying to watch things in the DSTV Now app on my iPhone: “We’re sorry. This service is only available to DSTV customers in DSTV territories.” The iPad app is still working as it...
  6. Cassady

    Anyone at Afrihost - does their iOS app work for you?

    Hi, Not quite sure where to put this - but leaned towards the iOS sub-forum. As per the title - on launching, sms with OTP is received (every time), and then the app crashes. Restart. Same thing. Oh - and I just deleted and reinstalled, and now - typically - after signing in, the OTP has...
  7. Cassady

    Travelling overseas – turning off mobile/roaming sufficient?

    Hi all, Haven't been overseas in a while – leaving in a few days. I presume all will be fine if I just leave the mobile data/roaming off – and simply go on as per normal, connecting via Wifi when available? I would prefer not to have to sell a kidney to pay back Vodacom for roaming charges...
  8. Cassady

    What can be expected/asked for when installing Fibre-into-TH?

    Hello all, I've just signed up for Fibre, after several years of WISP. The latter saw a dish up on the roof, and WAN cable down to a POE, and into my Asus Router. OpenServe is hopefully coming on Wednesday, to set-up the Fibre connection. From what I gather, the Junction and ONT box is what...
  9. Cassady

    Going to try DIY screen repair on iPad Air – anyone tried it?

    My old 128GB wifi/cellular iPad Air (1) was a victim of a 7 & 9 year old, with a badly cracked screen being the result. Since it’s no longer being used, and iFix (or whatever they are called these days) quoted me R2k for a screen repair – which means Core will be double – figured I have...
  10. Cassady

    How long did it take for your Health Data to sync from iCloud

    As per the title - iPhone 8 Plus up and running, but as of yet - no sign of my Health/Activity data from the iCloud Backup... Read elsewhere that it could take several hours to sync, but given that I started the setup last night, getting a bit concerned! Did yours pull everything down, and if...
  11. Cassady

    iPhone 8 v iPhone X - did you change how you made your decision?

    Hello all, I am due an upgrade end of January (or more likely April, given stock availability), and am still undecided about which of the new line-up I will be taking. Regardless, will be a 256GB version. I realised something new about my decision-process this time round, and was...
  12. Cassady

    Apple Music down?

    Anyone having issues? Got the "We've run into a problem. Try again." message. Same on Radio/For You/Browse. Just want to check if it's only me?
  13. Cassady

    Podcasts being blocked?

    Hi! Regardless of whether I'm trying via Overcast, or the built-in Apple Podcast app - downloading podcasts is an exercise in futility... Never used to be an issue, but over the last month or so, it's pulling down incredibly slowly... I'm now forced to basically leave my phone plugged in...
  14. Cassady

    Netflix download issues?

    Trying out Netflix at the moment. Using the basic account - 1 screen streaming. Have it installed on ATV4 and iPhone. Downloaded a few shows to the iPhone, to give it a go. This morning, downloaded Netflix onto the iPad. Logged in. Tried to download a movie. Was met with an orange...
  15. Cassady

    Calendar spam?

    So. Who else is being spammed by half of China, looking at quick offloads of Raybans or Uggs? Joy.
  16. Cassady

    Look what those sneaky Apple people did...

    Yes. They just Rickrolled you... :whistle:
  17. Cassady

    Suddenly struggling with widescreen/letterbox issues?

    Hi all, Took a bunch of pics today at some sites of interest. When I pulled them off the iPhone, and viewed on the Mac, they are letterboxed (I.e black bars on left and right side)!? I abhor filming/taking pics in vertical/portrait mode - and always throw the phone over to landscape (unless...
  18. Cassady

    Should I be concerned? Serial number registered to other Apple ID

    Hi all, So with all the iCloud problems I have been having - spent a bit of time having a look at my accounts etc. Go into the self-service section today, and notice that my iPhone 4S is still registered as a device, but not the 5S. Remove the 4S, try to add the 5S. It asks for the serial...
  19. Cassady

    iPhone 5S going mental - what are the reset options?

    Hello all. Over past several months, my data usage has been climbing uncharacteristically. After emailing one of the developers with bug reports (Greg Pearce, Agile Tortoise = Drafts), it appears my phone has been playing cowboy with the Background App Refresh, and being far more chatty than...
  20. Cassady

    iPhone 5S possessed - not making/receiving calls - VODACOM

    Greetings. From about lunch-time onwards, my 5S started misbehaving. SO couldn't reach me on the phone. Didn't think much of it, since hers often battles with reception. But then I tried phoning my phone with the landline. 1st time, reached voicemail - even left a message, with my iPhone...