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  1. LCBXX

    MyBroadband Implements Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Policy for Members

    Haha. Made you click!
  2. LCBXX

    Planning for December (Lockdown)

    Given that the ANC government response to the pandemic can only be stricter lockdown regulations as infections rise, would it be unreasonable to assume that the ANC will again close beaches & 100m restrictions around water bodies, come December 2021?
  3. LCBXX

    MSMs inability to criticise the ANC

    News24, IOL, EWN, ENCA, MyBB, etc: all of these outlets seem completely paralyzed in their ability to lay the blame for the failure of Government, its departments and the SOEs at the feet of the ANC. Sure, every now and then a single ANC cadre will be lightly fingered (pun intended) as the...
  4. LCBXX

    Openserve 20/10 for <R800

    Cell C Fibre is increasing their prices by R80 from July 2020 for the same speed. Is there another ISP anyone would recommend on Openserve that I can migrate to for under R800pm for 20-meg fibre
  5. LCBXX

    Things are worse now than the week before the lock-down. Change my mind.

    As per the thread title. My view is that measures Government put in place the week before, and the awareness created around SARS-COV-2 / COVID-19, were much more effective than the lock-down.
  6. LCBXX

    Where to upload old software and CD/DVD-libraries?

    I'm cleaning out some of my DVDs and CD that I've accumulated over the years and came across this CD I bought from an ad in a computer magazine. It contains thousands of shareware WAV, MOD and MID files. Is there a place where one can upload things like this to preserve it and make it...
  7. LCBXX

    WhatsApp "Background" Camera Access?

    Whilst reading a message on WhatsApp earlier, I rotated my phone and the display switched into landscape mode. As it switched, I caught a glimpse of myself, as seen by the selfie camera, in between the frames whist the display was switching to landscape. Does this mean WhatsApp has at least one...
  8. LCBXX

    Hoverboard Reccomendations

    Our 8yo is very keen on us buying her one of these things for the birthday in December. I'm rather clueless on what to be on the lookout for regarding hoverboards. This shop seems to have a nice selection. I'm not looking to get the smallest variant and am thinking of an 8.5" board that is...
  9. LCBXX

    Notebook USB-C Charging Support

    My Wife bought this notebook over the weekend and I was wondering whether it could accept a battery charge over USB-C from a powered docking station? Can I simply plug a USB-C cable connected to a wall charger to check of the battery charges as confirmation? There is nothing in the device's...
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    The Cannabis REVIEW Thread (Whilst Stoned)

    As per the title: This thread is exclusively for reviews for cannabis products and cannabis-related equipment which can be found either online or at outlets. Please do not post weed-reviews from your local Weedman as it helps nobody and it is not like you can, or should, openly share their...
  11. LCBXX

    The Cannabis Thread

    As the Title suggests, this thread is for the discussion of anything related to cannabis/marijuana/dagga/weed/dope. There are a couple of threads in the forum ready about growing; I suggest this one be used to discuss things like: (Online) Shops where you can safely buy cannabis and...
  12. LCBXX

    Sharing 1st Experiences with 8ta's 10GB promo

    I got my SIM this afternoon and slotted it into an old Vodafone K3565 Dongle to check the speeds out: Not that crappy considering I am on the very edge of the coverage area with a crappy dongle - Sean from TDS Clearwater was closeby as the sales-rep...
  13. LCBXX

    Random fine atrifacts/pixels/noise on 1080p

    I bought an new 42" Philips panel yesterday and after connecting the PS3 directly to it via HDMI on 1080p, I noticed something strange: With the PS3 running 1080p, there is this (ever so faint) random colored speckles/pixels/artifacts all over the display which is best visible on black...
  14. LCBXX

    Being Charged for in-bundle data usage

    This is now the second time MTN has charged me for data usage not exceeding my bundle, or the 20% of my bundle as stipulated in their Terms & Conditions. Anyone else have this issue? In May 2009 I was charged R2.34 and now for January I was charged 7c. I'm on the Anytime 200 package... What...
  15. LCBXX

    Online Gamer - "L33T"speak? What happens when an online gamer plays monopoly!
  16. LCBXX

    BOSCH AeroTwin Wiper Refills?

    My VW has these BOSCH AeroTwin/Flat wiper blades that are all but end of life. Replacing them entails buying a whole new wiper blade assembly at either a BOSCH stockist or from VW, at a cost of R493 a pair. This is what the wiper assembly looks like...
  17. LCBXX

    No "Surround Sound" on MM2 (104)

    I have no sound when watching channel 104 (MM2) on DSTV with the "Surround Sound" option set to ON (by default). If i switch it to OFF, I hear sound. Other channels that have surround like MM1 (103) work perfectly with with movies that have Dolby Digital (amp picks the stream up as such)...
  18. LCBXX

    DTT & TV Licences

    According to the TV-License website, you need a TV license when you purchase a TV or any other device that has an analog tuner capable of receiving a TV broadcast signal. Question: Will I be able to send the SABC in its moer when the Analog to DTT switchover happens? I wont be able to watch...
  19. LCBXX

    Crap weather forecasting

    I'm not sure whether this is just a South African Weather Service problem, but the weather forecasting for this country is really up to shyte. We really wanted to take the bike out for a long ride this morning. At about 08:00 the sky was clear with no wind whatsoever. When I started rolling...
  20. LCBXX

    Unable to phone landline from MTN

    I'm unable to make any calls to Telkom landlines from my MTN phone, area codes 018 & 05x. Anyone else with this problem? I've asked a couple of clients with MTN phones and they appear to have the same problem. I'm currently in Potchefstroom and have been unable to phone people in...