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  1. gottagoon

    Underscreen camera

    Jerry takes a look and tests this one:
  2. gottagoon

    Some weird scams with cellphone designs

    Found this earlier by Mrwhosetheboss. Very entertaining and a good laugh :
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    Covid-19 exposed the urgent need for women's economic empowerment: Ramaphosa

    Cyril Ramaphosa want's to accelerate Women's Economic Empowerment:
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    High-flying wife of army general arrested in R100m tender fraud
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    TRANSLUX seems to be gone too

    Yea. Sold my car and everything I own to help SA. Translux was my escape from here. It seems they also ****ed. Don't answer phone's. Website doesn't work. Yet another SOE massive failure. Intercape privately owned. Stronger than ever. Charging more and doing well. And operating. SOE. Fail...
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    Sub standard hand sanitizers

    Beware of what you buy and use:
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    Some Gumtree sellers... can't even spell

    Description Am selling huwail p20Lite 64 gig Finger print ,batteryand cameras working100% has some two hair lines cracks on the corner outside the manu and it doesn't affect anything..serioise buyers only feel free to contact me.
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    No beer, no cigarettes. Weed the answer.

    Government has banned alcohol and cigarette sales with the lockdown. So I'm expected to sit here for 21 days with nothing to take my mind off stuff. Beers finished (I only drink beer). No hard tack. Smokes a problem too. Only solution is a bit of weed now and again. Solves both the beer and...
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    Lockdown....whatya doing right now?

    Having a beer. It's so quite here you can hear a pin drop. Cheers!!!!!
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    Lasher Tools scores as a result of Chinese non availability.

    Local tool company Lasher has secured it's first multi million Rand order due to lack of availability of cheap Chinese imports. This is directly attributed to Corona virus. More here:
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    Bhisho. KWT area.

    Vodacom been good everytime I've been there. Lately it's up to ****. Dunno what's going on with them. LTE was strong a week ago. Now it's on Edge most of the time. Now 3G. They upgrading towers. Thats a positive thought. That's why it's important not to complain LOL. In the meantime I've 1bar...
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    National Beer Day

    It's National Beer Day tomorrow. Here's where to celebrate it:
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    "Hugo bel die Polisie"....part 2

    Similar to the first episode lol:
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    Beach pictures wanted from you guys at the sea 01/01/2020

    Hi Please post beach pics if you are at the sea today. I'm doing a profile report on as many beaches as possible. If you're at the coast snap a shot of your closest beach. Thanks!!
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    'Pressure is not having a job', says Springbok boss Erasmus
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    Vodacom, MTN and Cell C network locking their phones again.

    Story here:
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    Ninja student writes exam in invisible ink

    At first, the sheet looked like a piece of trash, but then the professor held it over a hot stove and black ink slowly began to appear. The student, 19-year old Eimi Haga, had written her entire exam in invisible ink...
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    Longest hearse parade...we did it lol

    A Guinness world record for the longest parade of hearses was unofficially set at the Kyalami racetrack on Tuesday. A convoy of 111 hearses, later revised to 110 after one broke down, reportedly drove around the Midrand circuit to beat the previous record of 107 hearses, achieved in Baarn...
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    How common is your babies name?

    Have you wondered what Mzansi parents are calling their newborns? Stats SA on Thursday revealed the most common names for babies born in 2018. Among over 1-million babies that were registered, boys were mostly named Enzokuhle, which translates loosely as “do well”. Second most popular was...
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    Court rules hidings for kids officially illegal