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    Which is better option for growth Long Term

    I have 2 quotes on the same unit trust (investing lump sum R200 000) for an elderly relative. 1) 1.5% upfront then 0.5‰ annually 2) no fees upfront then 0.65% annually. Which one is best TIA
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    What would this laptop sell for?

    Brand New (No Box): 11th Gen HP Pavilion x360 Convertible (Model: 14-dw1000) - Intel Core i5 1135G7 @ 2.40Ghz Processor; 8gig DDR4 Memory; 512GB SSD Storage NVMe; 14-Inch Full HD IPS Touch Display; Intel Iris Xe Graphics; HP Wide Vision HD Camera; Bang & Olufsen HD Audio System; Audio by B&O...
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    Whatsapp Notification Issue after Android 11 Update

    So I updated my s10+ to Android 11. Now I can't silence notification sounds from Whatsapp. Even if the setting in WA is set to silent, it plays the default samsung notification sound. If I change the setting to beep once or something else it beeps but just can't get it to be silent. Any ideas on...
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    CA Degree Options Wits/UJ

    Hi My niece is looking to do either Bachelor of Accounting Science at Wits or Bachelor of Accounting at UJ. Both of these are pathways to an eventual CA degree. Can anyone in the field advise which of the 2 universities are preferred for these courses. Thanks in advance.
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    Occulus Quest 2

    Thinking of getting one this Black Friday. Anyone here have one?
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    Will Afrihost Match Axxess Price

    I signed up this month for a Telkom LTE 40+40 with Afrihost for R299. Received an email stating that the product is changing to 50+50 for R319 from October. Axxess has the same offering for R299...
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    How to get an ISP in My Town?

    Our town of around 100 homes has fibre laid already. We've completed online forms noting our interest with many ISP's but nothing comes of it. The areas around us all have fibre already. How do we get an ISP to service us?
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    Afrihost Sim Delivered To Someone Else!

    I ordered a Telkom sim last week and was charged on the 28th of August. Courier confirmed all details and RICA docs needed for delivery which was scheduled for yesterday. When they didn't arrive I called and was told the sim had been delivered! I checked the Afrihost app and the status of the...
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    MTN Not Loading DATA for 2 months!

    For the past 2 months I have not been allocated my full data on one of my business contracts. This was confirmed to me by a call centre agent. Supposed to have been sorted out an hour ago but still nothing. I've been on hold for 30 minutes already. Is there a representative here?
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    Kodi Use Same Database Different HDD

    I need to transfer my files to a new external hard drive and need help on how to use my same database on another hard drive. I don't want to rescrape everything and have duplicates. Thanks in advance
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    Just Activated Sim-What a waste of Money

    So I bought uncapped 4G off peak after checking my area is covered by Rain 4G and 5G. Boy oh boy what a waste of money. Speed is terrible. Is this normal on Rain. Getting only 10kb/s on news servers and sites take forever to load.
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    Pro Rata Charge

    If I order a sim today, will the cost be half of the monthly rate or will I have data from 30 days of purchase? EDIT: REPLY RECEIVED Yes, there will only be a pro rata from the day of activation Regards Rain Team
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    MTN Data Rollover

    How does MTN contract data rollover work? When i check the app I get renewal date of my bundles but no expiry dates. I tried calling but same story from automated response and there’s no option to speak to an agent. Does contract data expire?
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    Samsung A Or Series

    I need an upgrade on my old Xperia Z5 phone. Was looking at Samsung. I know the A series is a midrange spec phone and S series are top of the range. Is it better to buy a new A series older model S series. Budget around R7500 Thanks
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    Best Online Share Trading Option

    So I have some friends who are clued up on the stock exchange and are willing to help me with advice on what to buy. I need a platform to open. Someone suggested easy equities. Any other suggestions?
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    Sukuma Relief Fund Completing Application

    I started my application for the Sukuma relief fund yesterday and received an email with a reference number. Today, the site says applications are temporarily closed but those who are in the process can complete the application. The site does not have an option for completing this even if I...
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    How does Value of Shares/Company Work?

    So I've read how stock prices are falling all over the world. Can someone explains how this works? From what I understand let's say MTN is valued today at R10 000 when they list today. This includes all their property and money in the bank, equipment etc. So they issue 10 shares at R1000 each...
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    VOIP Service Provider Help

    I need recommendations for a company that come meet with me to discuss options for my businsess. I called Switchtel since they had good reviews on MyBB but they don't have reps who come out. Thanks
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    Android Security Sfotware

    My Cerberus licence expired and was wondering what you guys are using for security if phone gets stolen- to wipe SD card, block phone, track etc
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    Occulus Quest

    Does anyone have experience with the Quest. Thinking of getting one. How is the experience when watching movies?