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  1. Norrad

    5G Test: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. When will we have 5G in SA?

    Imagine how much data that speed test consumed :oops:
  2. Norrad

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    I f you click on the GoalSave and then look at the Previous Transactions it shows whenever the Interest rate changes. Like "New interest rate 9%".
  3. Norrad

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Yay it worked when I just tried it again now. Must of been an FNB glitch last night.
  4. Norrad

    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    She decided to rule by fear and killing thousands was the easiest and fastest way to achieve that.
  5. Norrad

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Is anyone else not able to transfer funds to their TymeBank account from FNB today? I want to topup my EveryDay account, but the FNB app says the account type is invalid (I've done the same transfer many times in the past) and TymeBank doesn't show up in the listed banks when trying to do the...
  6. Norrad

    Jobs for people with just Matric?

    Why not look into the Cadet programs at some of the flight schools? You do your PPL and if they think you are proper pilot material then you work for them while doing your CPL.
  7. Norrad

    FlySafair R5 sale - Website down before it starts

    I grabbed two for different flights. One to Joburg and one to Slaapstad.
  8. Norrad

    Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

    I play Starfighter Assault every few days. I really enjoy the game.
  9. Norrad

    WeChat. What's the verdict?

    Don't send dick pics...
  10. Norrad

    Hollow Earth / Hollow Planets

    At what point did I say weight? You completely lost the scientific argument when you mentioned weight ;)
  11. Norrad

    Hollow Earth / Hollow Planets

    One simple word "Mass". Gravity isn't affected by the size of an object, but by its mass. By running simple tests in space with objects with known mass (even tools that astronauts use for repairs) their gravitational pull can be observed and calculated. We know what Earth's gravitational pull is...
  12. Norrad

    Travelling to Thailand

    That's actually Nedbank's fault as far as I know. All Capitec Forex and international transactions go through Nedbank as they don't have the capability yet to process them. Still a major pain in the ass.
  13. Norrad

    Will Communism Return?

    The world is changing and socialism is taking over. That's pretty evident in the most progressive countries. But full communism just doesn't work, as people always want what others have. Eventually China's social credit system might make it to other countries and then if it is implemented well...
  14. Norrad

    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    Rand/Dollar exchange rate was my raise.
  15. Norrad

    Beach holiday with sour ending

    Would "Bad Mammal" be Ok or am I being speciest?
  16. Norrad

    Which smartphone brand do you like the most?

    Nokia for their stock Android experience and solid hardware.
  17. Norrad

    FNB Global Account Card

    Are there any lounge access fees if you have the card, but don't have a premier account?
  18. Norrad

    Two Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Cloud + AI, Full-Stack Technology Innovation Facilitating Digital Transformation
  19. Norrad

    Windows XP is well and truly dead

    You have my sympathies...