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  1. Fazda

    Any advice on ex Rental cars for sale?

    Maybe in Scotty's part of the world, but utter bollocks in South Africa - rentals are a far better buy than the average trade in, I promise you.
  2. Fazda

    How to sell your vehicle privately. A step-by-step guide.

    Nothing wrong with that - perfectly acceptable - he'll be getting the original when he pays for it anyway.
  3. Fazda

    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 23ms Download: 1.67Mbps Upload: 0.36Mbps ISP Afrihost Glencairn Western Cape Sparkling!! ;)
  4. Fazda

    Buying a VW golf 4 1.9 TDI 2004 - need some advice

    No, that's all I've had to do apart from regular servicing. :)
  5. Fazda

    Buying a VW golf 4 1.9 TDI 2004 - need some advice

    It went into limp mode about 1 km from home, so I quietly drove home and got it sorted. Not much oil in the intercooler, so all was fine. I had replaced the cams about 200 km before that.
  6. Fazda

    Buying a VW golf 4 1.9 TDI 2004 - need some advice

    Yes, it started hitting a wall at 3500 rpm and at that point I booked it in. Everything gets checked when I service - the joy of doing it yourself :)
  7. Fazda

    Buying a VW golf 4 1.9 TDI 2004 - need some advice

    I bought a TDi in 2014, now done 284000 km - pure bliss, fantastic fuel consumption, comfortable, quiet, everything you need in a car. I replaced cams last year, and rebuilt the turbo just in case, otherwise just serviced, and that's all.
  8. Fazda

    Can't obtain license disc due to another car still in my name

    In theory, if you have all the paperwork, as you say, then it doesn't matter where the seller is. All they should have done is sign the yellow form, which should have been submitted anyway.
  9. Fazda

    License plate numbers...

    The Western Cape still follows this pattern. Just Eastern Cape and Northern Cape that have gone the anonymous route.
  10. Fazda

    Mixing LRP with Unleaded

    You could almost fill the damned thing up on R 100 back then! :D
  11. Fazda

    Mixing LRP with Unleaded

    Any car produced after 1990 in SA should be fine. If you cannot get LRP and want to stick to it(only for older cars, really), then you can buy an additive at the pump. I always used a bottle of William Pen Upper Cylinder Lubricant per tank on my Wolseley. Even if you cannot get it and you have...
  12. Fazda

    Trading in a car

    No, it's a Transvaal plate.
  13. Fazda

    Trading in a car

    My dad's old XJ 6 - he bought her new in 1970 ( 2.8 manual) and sold it to a friend in 1973 when he bought a 4.2....move on down the road, and the guy who bought her is a hoarder, and in 1994, he drove her into the garage and left her there. Fast Forward to June this year, and my brother and I...
  14. Fazda

    Trading in a car

    Sorry, no, happily chilling in Cape Town and restoring a Jaguar right now. :)
  15. Fazda

    2019 Subaru Forester (Gen 5)

    A remark like this always amazes me - obviously made by someone who has never owned a Forester, and probably never driven one either. Full Maintenance plan is included in the price and as for the loss of value, they are no more than the average car devaluation in SA - I saw the figures a couple...
  16. Fazda

    Importing a car from the UK to South Africa

    Hi there I presume that the car will arrive with all the relevant documentation and won't be cleared from the docks until you have completed everything on the customs side. After that I presume that you will be able to get a temporary registration certificate and drive home to Nelspruit where...
  17. Fazda

    Is Chevrolet Captiva reliable

    I often forget that I am talking to children on this forum! ;) :D :p