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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    I wonder who is the distributor of this product in South Africa. (not an agent but distributor)
  2. J

    South Africa's hosting providers compared

    I use Azure for IaaS and other services. For good old baremetal, SoYouStart (SYS) which is a mid range OVH product. Or Kimsufi which is an entry level product - dedicated servers from $4 . SYS $50 for 8core xeon, 32GB ram and 3x120GB SSD + DDoS and static ips. ZA hosting is a ripoff.
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    DSTV Now - Buffering

    It is only sometimes and then it is for 4-8hour segments. Changing ISPs shouldn't be a solution. I'm with MacroLAN-Seacom for fibre
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    Brand SA paid over R97,000 per month for web hosting which really cost R2,495 – CEO

    You can get a dedicated physical tin (cpu, memory, ssd/hdd), anti-DDoS Traffic, unlimited traffic, backups for like $5pm with kimsufi (part of OVH)
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    DSTV Now - Buffering

    100/100 Mbps fibre here - having the same issue from DSTVapp on TV (TV is network connected). My mikrotik router doesn't even show 1mbps traffic from the TV. The program will start playing in low quality and the moment it readjust the resolution to something higher a few seconds later it freezes...
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    Paradox IP150 configuration issue

    Got my IP150 for Paradox SP6000 unit (same as MG5050, except no build in wireless model & 8 ports where 5050 has 5). IP150 is running Firmware 4.40. I can connect to the module's web but having issues with Babyware. It almost instantly says timeout error. Any ideas?
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    Vodacom will charge you to roll over mobile data

    Luckily I own ****
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    DStv price and channel comparison - Compact vs Family

    Can someone please develop a plugin for MyBB to block all DStv articles.
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    Watch out for Procall debit order fraud

    You guys missing the point. Friend of mine had this same issue on Standard Bank and they told him they can't help. The only solution they gave him was to close his account, open a new one and change Everything over. (time consuming). Standard bank even charged him to reactivate overdraft on his...
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    Cell C climbs the "best ISP for Netflix" ranks

    According to the table, cell c is exactly on the same place.... No climb....
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    Web Squad ISP

    These speedtests means nothing: why? 1) all ISPs shape their traffic to give ookla best QoS 2) all tests should be at the same time, preferably at night when US is actually awake and everyone from GMT to GMT+5 is at home. Posting speedtests from 7am means nothing. Websquad is one of the only...
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    Beware of automated phone calls that sign you up to WASPs

    Wtf in their right mind installs truecaller. Not only does it kill your battery (they kindly warn you of it), it also scrapes they hell out of your storage.
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    GoDaddy launching in South Africa

    Why would anyone in their right mind support Go Daddy? They are PRO SOPA. Remember the big leave of GoDaddy in 2011 because of their stance against net neutrality & for 'stop online piracy act'?
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    Beware of automated phone calls that sign you up to WASPs

    Mine was way different. It went as (no random background music to indicate it was an ad or promo). Press 1 now (dead serious voice) Pause Press 1 now Pause Press 1 now for an urgent message Press 1 now Pause Press 1 now to subscribe to flirtnet for R5 per day and flirt with sexy singles in...
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    Windows 10 can now run on a Raspberry Pi

    Goodluck running win32 programs, since you all say it is "the same". Windows 8 RT was never Windows 8. Same counts for Windows 10 RT aka ARM
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    Vumacam - Vumatel's CCTV system to keep South Africa safe

    There should be less / no crime to start with. You can't justify putting up more cameras to keep na eye on crime. We should never have to live behind 2.5m walls and fences, nor CCTV to start of with. It became a norm.
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    Tesla releases Sentry Mode protection against break-ins

    Does this DLC cost extra. Will it be cheaper on the autumn sale?
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    Vumacam - Vumatel's CCTV system to keep South Africa safe

    Nanny state where you're being watched 24/7. Vumatel was offline for 3 days here in the Cape. Wonder how that will be for business.