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    Best Anti Virus software

    I use Windows 10 and am looking for the best anti virus software Confused with so many options! Which should I use, or stay away from? Thanks in advance
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    Set Up Amazon Echo In SA

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    Set Up Amazon Echo In SA

    How do I set up an Amazon Echo in South Africa? It appears that I need the Amazon Alexa app installed on my Samsung phone, but the app isn't available in SA:crying: Thanks
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    How to save money and stop load-shedding

    I was quoted in the region of R2000 per month The Shity makes money out of reselling electricity. It, together with reselling water, is a major cash cow and they can't afford to loose this revenue stream
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    Dual SIM solution for Samsung Galaxy S7

    I am going overseas and really don't feel like being ripped off with MTN's roaming rates. So it is my intention to purchase a data SIM at my destination and turn flight-mode on. But I want to communicate using Whatsapp, so I still need my MTN sim in my phone. It is important to keep my current...
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    How to save money and stop load-shedding

    Self-supplying My electrician informs me that the Shity of Cape Town will charge me a huge "Availability" fee if I go off the grid. So it is not worth it. Furthermore, should I want to sell surplus energy back into the grid, I need to install a very expensive smart meter, at my cost. And then...
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    Telkom is killing itself

    They must stop 24 month contracts
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    Uber Eats is changing its fees

    They charge the restaurant 25%. That's just about the restaurants' profit. Refuse to used Uber Eats because of this
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    US opens terahertz spectrum for 6G wireless data

    We haven't got 5G yet:unsure:
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    The cheapest way to make a voice call in South Africa

    79c per minute billed per second Who offers this? MTN used to until they increased it to 99c
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    Why Capitec won’t get Smart ID services in its branches

    Why use a bank? Overseas everything is done electronically via the Internet
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    I tested smart parking and I will never go back to tickets

    If I go to Blue Route mall and purchase from Woolworths, parking is free. You simply scan the barcode on the till slip at the pay point. How will this system handle this scenario? Very reluctant to give another organisation access to my bank account
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    Hands free car kit for mobile phone

    I am looking for a hands free car kit for mobile phone for a car without bluetooth or usb Any suggestions / offers? Thanks
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    Blocking unwanted spam sms's, but not wanted ones

    I am in the habit of blocking spam sms numbers on my Android phone. But I have run into the problem where wanted sms's (bank OTP's) are now also blocked. Although I have never blocked them. I suspect they are sent to me via an sms server used by numerous customers. What other method can I adopt...
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    Security breach

    My wife has just received the following email: The password mentioned is correct:eek: What is the best thing to do?
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    Big Telkom fixed-line and ADSL shock

    Costs me more to rent a fixed line than the calls I make. Should be the other way around!
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    DSTV Calls

    I get numerous daily telephone calls from DSTV. Basically 2 types of calls. 1. Call centre operator tries to convince me to pay by debit order. Something I will never do! And DSTV appear not to take no as an answer. 2. When I answer the call no one is on the other end. Almost like an automatic...
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    SA Express losing R1 million of taxpayer money every day

    Wonder which cadre got the kick back?