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  1. Sean008

    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    They use US made Taylor machines, Which are the best. The “ ice-cream machine, she’s offline” part is most likely due to the staffs laziness and/or poor planning in maintaining, which Requires emptying of productand stripping down and cleaning and sanitizing of certain parts. As a matter of...
  2. Sean008

    High court to rule on public protector's 'whitewashed' Estina dairy report

    This Turd should be held personally responsible for costs if she goes ahead and appeals and loses
  3. Sean008

    High court to rule on public protector's 'whitewashed' Estina dairy report

    You’ve taken the words right out my mouth. She is a fscking disgrace !
  4. Sean008

    Niki Lauda, Austrian Formula 1 legend, passed away at 70

    Rip. A true great and a legend indeed
  5. Sean008

    Krispy Kreme to launch in Cape Town

    Speaking of which, the service at Dunkin Donuts Canal Walk literally stunk. No wonders they were forced to withdraw from SA
  6. Sean008

    Drunk Judge Nkola Motata yet to pay damage he caused

    No surprises here.
  7. Sean008

    The Shopping Centre Armed Robbery Thread....

    Tragically, they’ll most likely be out on bail and plying their trade within a day or two.
  8. Sean008

    Gauteng cops shoot and kill hijacking suspect, wound two others

    Good job saps. Too bad there were survivors who will get bail and most likely be out back on the streets in a flash to continue plying their trade
  9. Sean008

    ANCYL in the Free State plans to burn Pieter Louis-Myburgh's book

    Somewhat related, I just learned on enews that anc supporters had disrupted the book launch in Sandton city, and where tearing up the books
  10. Sean008

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Lol, née man. With this weather it’s deep heat you’re looking for, not lotion.
  11. Sean008

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Still a continuous drizzle in Durbanville
  12. Sean008

    Nurse drives through night so patient can get lifesaving kidney

    She deserves as many acolades as is possible. And I hope she gets back good fortune. This woman is amazing !
  13. Sean008

    Do your pets have human names?

    Current pets, dogs : Pancho Lopez Gabriella Lola Kono Leo Lucy Liu Champ Bird : Zack
  14. Sean008

    Best Smoothey Blender

    Hey, got mine exactly the same way. Dion wired Hyde Park. Works daily since, never skipped a beat either
  15. Sean008

    Vuma fibre offline ??

    Hi All Anyone in northern suburbs, Cape Town, Durbanville offline now , or past 2 hours ?? Afrihost sp. battling to report. Any suggestions ?
  16. Sean008

    Teens leave Spur waiter R4 'tip for hungry Africans'

    Please assist my simple mind brother :
  17. Sean008

    Teens leave Spur waiter R4 'tip for hungry Africans'

    SPUR !!! Nuff said , I’ll admit I read the first page and last !