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    Asset Tracking

    Hi Guys I am looking for companies we can subscribe to, to montor over 100+ tablets we have on the field. We looking for some stick on type of device, does anyone in SA do this ? Thanks Kitty.
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    Traffic in morning from Capetown Airport to UCT

    Hi Guys What is the traffic like in the morning from Airport to UCT ? Flight lands at 8:15am. Need to be at UCT at 9:15, will I make it ? Thanks Kitty.
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    changing your flight with Airline

    Hi Guys Does any one know if you change to a cheaper flight than you initially booked, do you get some form of credit back ? Thanks Kitty
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    Yeastar S series

    Hi Guys Has anyone used the S series ? They seem well priced and was thinking of using it. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks Kitty.
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    Best ISDN gateway for Asterisk

    thanks guys, any thoughts on the Yeastar TB400, seems like half the price..
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    Best ISDN gateway for Asterisk

    Hi Guys Which is the best ISDN gateway to use with Asterisk ? Unfortunately client is tied down to a long term contract with Telkom and the exit charges are high. Thanks Kitty
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    laptop screen help

    Hi Guys Any idea what can cause a laptop screen to be come blury intermittently ? The laptop is a Lenovo and partserve says they cannot recreate the problem but each time the user is working with it we intermittently get it. Thanks Kitty
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    Transfer from Paypal to South Africa bank account

    Hi Guys Is there an alternative to using FNB to transfer Paypal money to my South African bank account ? Thanks Kitty
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Look if you can't provide the support , don't sell the service. It's easy to blame openserve for the incompetence and arraogance within your organization. This is an easy ticket out of any poor service.
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    A google review by Dave Manchinnga sums up what is is like dealing with Coolideas
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Openserve, but that is not the main issue, even if the issue is outside your control, communication is important.
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Anyone here stills says Coolideas are tops ? Ticket reference : COOL-20181212-188902 still not sorted. Fibre has been down since 12 December and no feedback as to what is happening.
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    CCA cable

    Hi Guys Anyone using CCA cable with voice installations ? I am thinking of using it for a budget installation. Thanks Kitty
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    Cool Ideas Double debit

    HI Guys I have been reading on Facebook that client shave been double debitted this month. Check your bank accounts to see if this has happened to you. This is an old trick, when you cash strapped, double debit the client, blame it on someone or some external provider and make the client wait...
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Have you ever worked at Coolideas ?
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    That is possible, but your professionalism as a company is to keep the client informed, to return the call if you promise to do so, to reply to an email if the client asks for feedback and most important don't put the phone down when you know who is on the other side.
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Coolideas on openserve
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    Cool ideas arrogance

    Hey Guys Becareful when taking up Cool Ideas. They are an arrogant bunch who promise to call you back but never do. So far we have dealt with : Alex Basetsana Damian Ithumeleng and 2 other operators we did not get the name from them. Damian promised to take ownership of the query but he never...
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    Is defamation of character a criminal offence ?

    Hi Guys Does one report such a matter to the cops or is a a civil matter ? thanks Kitty
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    Anyone taking Diuretics like Lasix ?

    Hi Guys Is there anyone here , or knows of anyone taking Diuretics like Lasix or Furosemide. I am looking for a good brand of supplements that can help with nutrient depletion. thanks Kitty