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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

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    Facebook Removes a Record 2.2 Billion Fake Accounts

    what if somebody created a facebook profile, and then dies. Thats not a fake account
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    PICS: Durban videographer sprayed with bullets on N3 in mystery shooting

    If it was, they would have made sure of it. This was more like half a hit
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    PICS: Durban videographer sprayed with bullets on N3 in mystery shooting

    was going to say the same thing lol
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    MWEB pokes fun at Telkom in new ad

    yeh well MWeb, no Fibre in my area still. At least Telkom still lets me have an ADSL connection
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    Don't use iPhones, it is embarrassing

    um never mind
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    South Africans could lose their insurance by changing their mobile number

    yes, but you dont change the IMEI number of the phone when you do a port or change sim cards. You dont insure the phone based on the Sim card thats in there, or the number that is attached to it Edit: If you insure through a network provider, then the sim card that is attached to the phone...
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    The rainbow nation is dead

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    WATCH | Driver outfoxes hijackers in lightning-speed reverse manoeuvre

    Our police and law enforcement guys have been ambushed before, so why should we expect anything more from this security guy against 3 men? These crininals are ruthless, and he would have stood no chance
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    Moto Z

    Pop me a message when you decide
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    Moto Z

    I sell R15k iPhones for R1500. IPhone 6 for R1k, 7 for between R1500 and R2500 depending on storage etc The Z is old.
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    Samsung 10 inch Tablet

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    LG V20,Nexus 6/6P or Moto X

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    Alcatel XP1050

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    Moto Z

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    Official Kaizer Chiefs Supporters Thread

    Need to dig deeper than Middendorp being the problem.. For a long time now, the issue has been Bobby's control at Naturena. Now they have another problem with Kaizer Jr. The truth is that the problem is Bobby Motaung and Kaizer Motaung Jr.. They are clueless
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    Football banter 2016/2017/2018

    United fans clutching at thin straws these days lol
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    The Bafana Bafana Thread

    You make it sound like that never happened before lol
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    Throw in the towel Ferrari