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    Eskom needs cash injection in 3 months or faces insolvency, Parly committee told

    I know of 2 engineers with 20+ years experience in my extended family who are still South African citizens but were retrenched from Eskom, for obvious reasons. They are now both working contract jobs in Ghana due to skills shortages there as they expand their power grid and coverage. The brain...
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    What makes a liberal want to punch a child?

    It's comparable to religious indoctrination. Once you've become sufficiently submerged, your worldview becomes warped. It's far easier to just keep doubling down, to the point of absurdity or committing atrocity, than to step back and objectively question whether what you believe is right or...
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    P&G Challenges Men to Shave Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’ in Gillette Ad

    The ad is just cringey. Watching it is like looking at men through some warped worldview. It's strange to think that someone actually sees men this way. There's the weird use of "boys will be boys", which I've only seen used when boys hurt themselves doing stupid stuff and never to excuse...
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    South Africa wasting money on funding unemployable humanities and social science university students

    Related, possibly worth it's own thread since I haven't seen one: Academics expose corruption in Grievance Studies They link to some news articles about the findings in the description. It appears that you can basically get anything published and accepted in these fields, regardless of how...
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    Parents demand R2.8m in damages after son's bungled circumcision

    Not enough details in the story to really know what happened. Reasons could have been beliefs, culture, or they could have been purely medical. If there wasn't a good medical reason, it wouldn't be unreasonable if he sued his parents at some point for putting him through cosmetic (disfiguring?)...