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    The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Thread

    i think it was becomming too many tournaments (i wasnt complaining). we has the world cup, the champions trophy and then a t20 world cup every 2 years
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    Amplats fires over 600 underground workers at its Mototolo mine

    i say well done. do it on principal. more companies that do it, then hopefully they learn, they could just get fired like the rest of us. im so fed up of seeing "strikers" trashing everything. municipal workers are a good example. heck it even applies to students, they want to strike but they...
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    Indian 'hate preacher' Zakir Naik charged with money laundering

    hate speech much. he certainly must have touched a nerve with u...
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    Update on South Africa’s new paternity leave laws

    not quite sure i get you. the company can just give you the leave. but they are not going to pay you. if you want to be paid, then you can claim it from uif. if you asking why doesnt the company give you the leave and pay you for it, then the question would be with the company, why should they...
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    You can't get more Judeo Christian than Islam

    without getting into any debate, but you are incorrect in your statement above. both Isaac and Ishmael are revered prophets of God. these are Gods chosen servants. no villans. with regards to the seed (as you mention) so many Phophets have come from the seed of Isaac, so how can the seed be bad?
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    You can't get more Judeo Christian than Islam

    ok guys here is something to consider... if for a second lets accept that all Prophets we correct and messengers of God. skipping the first Prophets down to Moses, what if he came down with the 1 true message from God, and after his death people went extreme and detracted from the message...
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    The direct connection to the South Africa's data center being cheaper than an international connection to Europe and the fact that latency can be reduced by 85%.
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    R12,000 monthly stipend laughable, say traditional leaders

    We the country has to pay these fools because they tell their people to vote Anc. if they want money, they can go and work for it like the rest of us.
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    R12,000 monthly stipend laughable, say traditional leaders

    someone tell these people to go fly!
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    Cape Town to introduce new number plates from this week

    i did reap a report about 2 years back were they want to standardise all number plates. so kzn and western cape would also move to the new system like the rest of the country.
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    Cape Town to introduce new number plates from this week

    actually is western cape and kzn
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    Isn't Israel Afraid Of A New World Order

    a summation based on peoples comments.
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    Isn't Israel Afraid Of A New World Order

    i think the christians are backing israel on the basis that they need the war to see in the second comming of the Mesiah. Wasnt it the jews that crucified Jesus?
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