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    Recommendation for Ryzen motherboard and case please

    Some of the X470 and B450 motherboards will get PCIe4.0 support with a new 3000 CPU.,39377.html
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    Accelerit Fibre

    Homepage: Anyone with experience with these guys?
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    Vodacom 2G coverage deteriorating

    Read up on NB-IoT (narrowband IoT).
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    Freelander 2 service

    The 4x4 community forum might be a better place to ask. There are a few good indies in Pretoria, but too sure about Sandton
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

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    Heater - Gas vs ESKOM

    You get this device from Bosch that keeps a constant output temperature:
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    Top US tech firms begin to cut off vital Huawei supplies

    Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist
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    Uncertain future for SSD prices in South Africa

    I still have working DDR2 Mushkin RAM.
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    The METAL Thread

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    Music - Part 2

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    How to check if your WhatsApp has been hacked

    Probably, but not even the WhatsApp website points you to anything but the play store. Found another download page for Android at This one have version 2.19.137
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    How to check if your WhatsApp has been hacked

    And yet, on the play store the latest release is from the 11th of May?
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

  14. Nod

    Music - Part 2

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    Lada keeps it rugged with 4x4 Vision concept SUV

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    Using Linux to Recover File from a Faulty Drive?

    Of course not, but it is a good first line in protection against data loss.
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    Using Linux to Recover File from a Faulty Drive?

    Make use of a raid setup in future for disks with important data. It will safe you some of this headaches in future.
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    Music you listen to when depressed

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    DStv bans any content with Steve Hofmeyr

    Steve must be the biggest villain in South Africa currently. The numerous acts of harm is immeasurable ...
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    Virtual Offices

    Yeah, had management like that as well, but this is more a management issue than an employee issue. If they don't know what the outcome should be, then they also don't know what you are supposed to be doing. It is not difficult to look like hard worker if they only measure time spent at the office.