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    Cheap Int Domain with privacy

    What is the "best" cheap domain registrar that also includes privacy of the whois. Also, can you get a domain with privacy or isn't that possible. Why make the domain's whois private, well I don't want my information scattered everywhere on the Internet. Thanks
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    Opera 10.60 finally released

    The new Opera 10.60 has finally been released for Linux. And it works perfectly (or at least what I tested so far here in Linux Mint 9). It is a little bit over 15mb for the 64bit .deb version. From: You can download it from here...
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    The truth about Apple's HTML5 showcase

    Read the rest here: This shows what steps Apple would take just to promote their browser (Safari).
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    Need help Linux Mint 8

    Software Sources for Linux Mint 8? How do you change the Ubuntu repositories inside Linux Mint's software sources to local ones, if possible? Also, is there any local repositories for Linux Mint's updates? Thanks.
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    Guild Wars Free Trial

    Guild Wars is having a free trail: I saw this after visiting their homepage a few days ago, and felt I should let you know, especially for those who want to try Guild Wars for the first time. :)
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    Awesome Gnome themes

    I made a list of a few sites that list awesome themes for Gnome: Ubuntu Themes: 61 Awesome Themes for Linux 10 Of The Best Linux Desktop Customization Screenshots To Inspire Your Creativity Collection of 50 Best Looking Linux Gnome/Ubuntu Themes 25 Best Linux Desktop Customization...