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    Massmart expects only slight delays in delivering online orders from Makro and Game

    Truely sad what happenend with them, but delays in orders are they standard way of operating.
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    Apple must let iPhone users remove pre-installed apps, new law proposes

    You can already delete all the apple apps. The android world is a mess with the nonsense app you cant remove
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    Vodacom unveils the Curve smart tracking tag

    considering their app always have issues, you will never be able to track when you need to. They have some of the most incompetent programmers in the country.
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    Petrol price increase coming in January

    WHy don't you give the LPG pricing too?
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    Here is what happened to South Africa's petrol prices in 2020

    Have a look at LP Gas prices. Currently the highest since oct 2018.
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    Why WeFix closed several stores in South Africa

    The same for that doctor apple stores. Why should a replacement screen for a iPhone 6s costs R3500 at these daylight robbery stores, while in the US a geniune screen costs $150. If you rip your customers off then you deserve to closedown
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    Why WeFix closed several stores in South Africa

    Not surprised. They using 3rd party apple products while charging the same as proper apple parts. Will never use them again
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    Apple reassigns marketing staff to boost iPhone sales

    The problem is not marketing, the problem is price. That is a very simple problem to fix.
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    Why Vodacom depletes your new mobile data first

    vodacom’s ethos is to screw the customer any which way it can. I am so much happier leaving telkom. My data lasts so much longer on Telkom.
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    Switch Telecom feedback please?

    I've been using Switchtel from the start. I've tested many providers and there is no one better. They understand VOIP, and the industry! You won't make a mistake going with them. As with all VOIP providers, they key does remain with your ISP. If you internet is weak your VOIP quality will be weak.