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    Rain 5G Speed Upgrade

    I changed my tower but changing the direction which my CPE was facing. i was connected to a tower 2Km away too when i had a tower 0.86KM. even after this it didn't improve my speeds .. Ping: -1ms Download: 18.88Mbps Upload: 2.16Mbps
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    Ping: 14ms Download: 35.1Mbps Upload: 7.85Mbps
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    Rain IP addresses been blocked

    Its actually not. I just tried doing it on my 4G as well its the same. I mean the IP range is accused of password stealing
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    Rain IP addresses been blocked

    I wanted to post something on the Mikrotik forum, to my surprise I cant because a /20 block from Rain has been blocked. Has anyone seen or experienced this .
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    What's Rain's average speed

    can someone please tell me what's the average speeds on rain 5G network.. its been weeks i cant even get more than 100mbps
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    Do you think Showmax Pro will be successful in South Africa?

    Honestly speaking as a showmax subscriber I wanted to get this service but their price is too high....