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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Anyone seen any reasonably priced tables around for kids, helping a single mom at work. I'm an IOS fab and don't know i thing about Android. Minimum spec is Tier one device - Quad Core 1.7GHz, 32GB with 4GB Ram.
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    Our Black Friday 2021 Wishlist

    Shelly Pro 4PM
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    BULK SMSing

    Anyone have any experience with bulk smsing? I would like to message factory staff without their contact numbers being sold on. I have seen a few sites offering the service but I'd prefer a recommendation. Any advice appreciated.
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    Manufacturing Policies and SOP templates

    Anyone got some policies and SOP's they can share with me so I can modify to suit my business? Saves me some work...:oops:
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    Mate 20 Pro & Telkom - weird problem

    I'm with Cell C iPhone X and when I phone my colleagues on MTN they can't hear me I need to hang up and call them back.. driving me insane as I call them ten to fifteen times a day..!
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    iPhone 8 v iPhone X - did you change how you made your decision?

    Got the X in December, very happy with the screen size vs phone size. The "notch" doesn't bother me and I haven't had any issues with the facial.. would be interesting to know the time difference between picking up the phone and looking at it vs the time it takes to pick up and place finger on...
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    Pre-order iPhone 8 from MyiStore

    I'm in the same boat.. also keen on the camera of the plus.. BUT.. I'm now thinking I should wait for the X which seems to have all the plus features just smaller.. It also looks appears that fingerprint ID is on its way out which might result in the 8 dating visually within a year.. Any...
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    Site structure for SEO

    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated as I’m not a developer: I have a small ecommerce site running on a woo theme, it has been up for about 3 months and despite huge effort on content I’m simply not ranking as I believe I should. I have had some assessments done by Moz, onpage...
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    Advice for first time YouTube video recording for eCommerce site

    Hi All, I'm in the process of starting a small eCommerce site, the site will sell some technical products which will require some instructional YouTube videos. Obviously I'd like the instructional videos to looks as professional as possible. What I'd like to know is what camera should I...
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    Samsung PS60e550 AllShare MKV problem

    I have a PS60e550 and I use Allshare to watch series / movies and I have a few questions, I can’t seem to find an accurate answer on the net hoping someone who understands codec’s can assist? 1. I have noticed that some series in MKV have onscreen preview while other formats (avi..etc) have...
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    DionWired does it again...

    Earlier this year in June DionWired advertised a 59" 5 series for 9k instead of 19k... a lot of people moaned about CPA rights and false advertising, the end result was read the "terms and conditions"... CPA can’t do Jack.. I just received the latest specials and once again, errors this time...