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    US and NATO escalation of conflict with Russia is leading to war
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    EU carbon pricing plan has special exemption for yachts, upsetting environmentalists
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    German Government Considering Shutting Down Telegram; Report
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    Pfizer, Roche, AstraZeneca and J&J face newly revived lawsuit claiming they funded terrorism in Iraq
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    Canada making plans to build ammo factory in Ukraine amid tensions with Russia
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    Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets
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    Class War is Just Beginning
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    United States Poised to be World’s Largest LNG Exporter in 2022 as China Becomes Top LNG Importer
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    Charge: Google Hammering Competitors By Manipulating Browser Extensions
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    New Twitter CEO has brought wave of high-profile bans in short tenure
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    International Finance Leaders Hold ‘War Game’ Exercise Simulating Global Financial Collapse. Should We Be Worried?
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    Global Warming Activist Michael Mann Demands Censorship Of Dissenters
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    The Price of Dissent
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    Does the CCP control Extinction Rebellion
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    The dark side of Desmond Tutu
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    Trouble in Paradise: The Crumbling California Model
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    France Fines Google, Facebook Millions Over Tracking Consent
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    When the Right Plays With Jew-Hate
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    Huge: Half million follow Joe Rogan to GETTR