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    How to "gift" Google Playstore App

    Hi. I want to buy someone a specific Android App. It seems the only way is to buy a Google Play Card. Is it safe to do it? I have never done it and any help or recommendations will be most welcome. Thanks.
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    Lightning struck our LAN; please help us solve it

    Hi and thank you for your advice. We run everything at our church on LAN cable, ie printers, PC's, laptops and broadcasting camera. This runs though a 16 port switch. Our internet incoming line is fibre. Last Thursday we were hit by lightning. Many ports on our switch were hit and is now out...
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    Soft touch multimedia keyboard; can be wired or wireless

    Hi again and thanks for the advice. My old Logitech keyboard's key don't always make contact anymore after almost 8 years. I'm looking for a keyboard something like that of a laptop. It must have buttons for sound, stop, forward etc. I was looking at the Logitech MX keyboards but don't like...
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    Which LEFT HAND ergonomic mouse?

    Hi all and thanks for your advice. I am left handed and therefor my options are a little bit limited. Otherwise I would have bought the Logitech MX Ergo Trackball. Based on reviews around the world for left handed ergonomic trackball mice, the Elecom comes out tops. But, your hand it still in a...
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    Ceiling fitted AP?

    Good day. I need to install a ceiling fitted AP, maybe two, in our house. It is not for gaming or any high speed stuff, mainly phone usage. I had a look at this one and it seems to work well based on reviews I have read: TP-Link EAP110 Wireless Access Point 300 Mbit/s Power Over Ethernet (PoE)...
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    Is my old HDD locked?

    Hi there. I have an old HDD which I used as a drive to backup to. I need some files on the drive and put it in my All-in-1-Docking station. I can open some files and some not. When I initially clicked on the Users-folder, a pop-up said I do not have authority and I must click to continue ...
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    Activation Required: MS Office Pro 2016 BUT have 365 subscription

    Hi and thanks for your help. I installed successfully installed Windows 10 from my USB recovery drive and have done all the updates. I also have a Office 365 subscription. But, every time I try to run one of the Office App, the 2016 version opens. I logged off, logged on again and everything...
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    Photoshop CC 2017 does not want to install on Windows 10

    Good morning. I replaced my HDD with SSD and did a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro. Now, Photoshop 2017 CC does not want to install: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version: 20H2 OS Build: 19042.1288 This is the message I get: Update required...
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    Is this layout of my SSD correct?

    Hi all and thanks for your help. I managed to installed my 5122GB NVMe SSD as %system% and a 1TB SSD as D: for DATA Please check the attached picture. I am not familiar at all with all the abbreviations for the different partitions ... but is it correct? What is the WinRE_DRV? I had to...
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    Can I restore Win 10 to a drive other than current C:

    Hi and thanks for your help. Bought Lenovo Desktop with Win 10 on February 2020. Wanted to upgrade the drives and bought 2 x SSD's. Current setup: Friday afternoon. 512GB SSD M.2 (Empty, just installed & initialised it. Wants it to be new system drive) C: 1TB HDD : Windows system and all other...
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    Advisable to move "Users" to another drive?

    Removed post
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    Please help me select correct M.2 SSD

    Hi there. I asked your help with regards to a 1TB SATA SDD and you helped a lot. I have decided to use the 1TB as my data drive and use a M.2 SSD as boot & software drive. My V530 Lenovo says in the manual that the mobo has a M.2 slot as per attached screenshot. But now I have also read about...
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    SSD for c: & software only

    Hi and thanks for your help. I have a 2-year old PC with 24GB RAM, Windows 11 64-bit & 2 x 1TB HDD's. BUT, it feels as if it takes forever to boot. I am considering to buy a ±256GB M.2 SSD for system & software files only and a 1 TB SATA SSD for data only. Will the 256GB be large enough? I...
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    Monitor Calibration software for Spyder 4

    Hi everyone and thank you for your help. Spyder 4 Software: Spyder4 Elite 4.5.9 I now have 2 x LED monitors and the current calibration software does not have LED included as a monitor type. Is there free software available I can use in stead?
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    DSTV WiFi connector connects to WiFi but no internet

    Good morning everyone and thanks so long for your help. Up until a week or so ago we had ethernet connection between home network and PVR 1. But I noticed that there is no Showmax connection and no Catchup that needs to be downloaded. But, when I remove the cable from the PVR and connect to my...
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    Please advise on GPU: fan cooled or silent?

    Hi and thanks for your help. I am not a gamer and use a little bit of Photoshop sometimes and the rest of the normal stuff for home use. I am looking into buying this card: ASUS GeForce GT 710 2GB GDDR5 - Best Deal - South Africa ( My question is about cooling. I have always had...
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    Please recommend Mail-App

    Good afternoon. Please recommend an App for Mail. I tried the Outlook App but for some reason it cannot connect with my mail servers. I use IMAP. For now I set up my mail accounts on Gmail ... but I would rather like to have a separate from Gmail App. Thanks, Deon.
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    Sync Outlook 2013 Contact & Calendar with Google

    Hello and thank you for your help. * Office 2016 on Windows 10 * I recently moved from Apple/iOS to Android. Now I need software to sync my Contacts & Calendar between Outlook and Google. Based on Google results, I found: # (paid software) # (paid software) # Step by Step...
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    Xiaomi 9: language error - where do I report

    Hi and thanks for your help. I changed this weekend after 10+ years with iOS to Android and bought a Xiaomi 9. I installed all the App I had on my iPhone, off which one is Life360. One thing I could not do, was to get Life360 to have Life360 have distances display in km and not miles. I tried...
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    TP-Link WR845N looses WiFi

    Hi and thanks for your help. I bought this router to be an access point. It connect via LAN6 cable to another router which connects to fibre. Ever since I had this router, I have to unplug and plug back in because it seems to be switching off the wifi. I can log into the UI by cable but the...