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    Pfsense new setup

    I currently have an issue when I loose WAN connection on the pppoe link, the link does not automatically reconnect. I have to unplug the cable to the ont several times before it reconnects or I have to run this command several time to re-establish the connection: /usr/local/sbin/pfSctl -c...
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    Pfsense new setup

    Done straight from a pc, no vm used. I used a ssd as well.
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    Pfsense new setup

    Is Intel ports recommended because of the bandwidth you get from them or? When I setup iperf 3 server on the pfsense I only get about 660mbps max output from a direct lan cable connection. I am using the old pci board interface and not pci express.
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    Pfsense new setup

    Thanks for the info, I had an old pc, I bought an extra lan card and I was good to go. Now got so much to learn about this firewall [emoji3]
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    Pfsense new setup

    Hi everyone, My edgerouter x bombed out.. So looking to go pfsense. Any recommendations on a dual or quad lan cards that I can install in a pc. I want to run it as a VM. It's for home use, so not looking for expensive options.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    The performance is really good, there are occaional dips , but overall i am really happy. Its value for money as I was paying R700 for an unreliable 4meg wisp connection a month ago.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    FYI, They have increased speeds as mentioned on thier website. Now paying R499 for a 50mbps line. Just call them to increase your speed depending on the amount you paying otherwise they won't automatically upgrade it.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    My folks fibre connection went live. Getting 20/20 speed with a ping of 9ms. I am impressed with their aggressive roll out. From the first week of November 2020 with handing out flyers to getting a working connection today.
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    Tiguan opinion?

    Hi everyone, Any tiguan owners here that can provide me with honest opinion of the suv? Not worried about price / performance. Want to know about its reliability and maintenance costs? Is it also a high demand car for theives? Also any better alternatives?
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    fibre options

    Stay away from accelerit. My friend is stuck with them as they deployed fibre for the complex. This ISP has constant disconnects and speed issues. Check Hello Peter for more proof.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    My folks town Groblersdal is also getting fibre through this company. Herotel mentioned it should be live by end of March 2021. Hoping they provide a decent service. The local wireless internet service really sucks.
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    Edgerouter x failover

    Thanks guys...
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    Edgerouter x failover

    Hi there, I am currently use a edgerouter x to connect to a fibre link. I belive it has a fail over option if wan link 1 is down. Has anyone used the failover option in the edgerouter series? I am looking to connect the failover link to a lte 4g modem. Which 4g modem is recommended?
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    Graphics card
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    Graphics card

    Hi everyone, What is a good graphics card can I get between R5000-R6500. Need something to play flight simulator 2020 at high settings in 1080p.
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    Netflix high quality audio

    Hi guys, Just wanted to find out what happened to this feature netflix said will bring out last year: I also don't see the ultra plan which would include high quality audio...
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    Accelerit ISP review

    Is this ISP worth moving to on SADV, their prices are much cheaper then the rest. How's their network performance and customer service?
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    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I also got the same email... Does this affect other ISP'S as well. Thinking of moving to a cheaper 50Mbps option.
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    Vodacom or Accelerit - lesser of the 2 evils???
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    Vodacom or Accelerit - lesser of the 2 evils???

    Cool ideas and home connect are on the vodacom network now. More options available now