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    Cheapest way to send money from UK to SA?

    Hi all, Recently emigrated to the UK and have earned a few £s. My folks still live in SA and I help them out financially. Was wondering if anyone has had some experience sending pounds back home (into your own SA account) from the UK? High street banks seem to charge a fortune to do...
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    MTN Call Centre Operating? Trying to get invoice.

    Might be a dumb question but anyone know if MTNs call centre is operating? Dial 135, automated thing saying experiencing high call volumes and someone will help when next available but then it just proceeds with the automated self service options.. no option to speak to someone. And it just...
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    DSTV Now on Lubuntu using Chrome

    Hi MyBB Linux users.. hopefully this is the right sub-forum for this. I have an ancient laptop installed with Lubuntu which I use to stream DSTV Now occasionally. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it stopped working, and only really getting around to start looking into this now. It seems to...
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    Standard Bank hassles with fraud and double debits

    Hey MyBB, just thought I'd share my experiences over the past week since I now have a stable internet connection (back from holiday). I had my cheque card cloned/skimmed at Somerset Mall in what could have been a very reputable shop in Somerset West last week with just under 8k taken from my SB...
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    How do you cope with stress as a software dev?

    Hey guys, usually a lurker on this forum with the occasional post here and there. I wanted to get your thoughts on a non-technical, yet important part of being involved in the tech industry. How do you guys deal with stress as professional software developers? How do you manage and balance your...